Best Notebook 2020 Cost Benefit: # 7 Models

Best Notebook 2020 Cost Benefit: # 7 Models

The multi-functionality of notebooks today meets the diverse needs and activities, but for that to happen satisfactorily you must choose a model that combines good performance at an affordable value.

The numerous choices of brands and features reconciling each notebook with certain utilities.

more basic versions are ideal for navigation, search, social networks, Office packages, reading and production of texts. Already the most complete versions also allow the use of heavier software, games, editing videos, photos and especially performance much faster.

Despite being a durable electronics, technological advances ensure innovations with each release, improving their functionality, however, this turns out devaluing some versions predecessors.

In view of this, although it is advisable to be updated with the new technologies, it is essential that your purchase is based on the efficiency and performance of the product before its needs and especially with a fair price.

To know more about the functions, memory and system of each model is fundamental at the time of purchase and for this, we select the best laptops for money 2020 for you to make the right choice!

In addition to the technical features, these models were the most bought and most reviewed the market, which gives the name of the best laptops for money 2020.

Lenovo brands, Samsung, Acer and Dell were the highlights in technology and performance, combining accessibility in value to basic features that address the major digital and virtual activities.

Review of Best Laptops 2020 Cost Benefit

Either to study, work or simply leisure and entertainment activities, each of these notebooks match the highest expectations of cost benefit.

Their detailed technical characteristics below with the information based on the buyers’ opinions provide key features and indications of use, which will surely satisfy all of your questions.

In this ranking were selected the best laptops for money 2020 in the range of R $ 1,000 to R $ 2,500 reais. Options that meet the main proposals of a notebook, including that fit in your pocket.

Choose criteria: Notebooks

First, the ideal choice of the model depends largely to what activity the notebook will be used.

Jobs that require heavier software, for example, Autocad, Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro, it is recommended notebooks with RAM from 8GB.

Now if the goal is not to use the most basic features that include the use of Office Package, navigation for research and entertainment, watch video lessons, series amongst other multimedia options, versions with 4GB already meet perfectly.

Processors directly influence the speed and performance of the programs used and navigation, so it is worth investing in notebooks with Intel or AMD systems.

Another very important requirement to ensure the best laptop money 2020 is the choice of hard drive HDD and SDD. These components are responsible piece storage capacity and speed.

Screen size

In addition to the content visibility, the screen size also affects the mobility of the notebook and autonomy of its battery.

smaller screens are easily stored in a backpack, purse and provide more description. For the larger reinforce the ergonomics and visual comfort, even is ideal for watching movies and series anywhere you want.

Like the TV, the sizes of the screens of the notebook are defined by inch and have similar resolutions systems.

Usually the screens ranging from 10 “to 18” inches.

Image Quality

Like the Smart TVs, the picture quality of the notebooks is relative to its resolution of technologies that can be HD, Full HD coming up to 4K, for example.

For those who work with image editing or use not for entertainment, the Full HD options already fully meet the essential requirements, as the versions from 2 to 4k do not fit to the cost-benefit criterion and are mostly imported.

Due to the high-resolution 1920 × 1080 Full HD notebooks require larger screens, which behave perfectly all this many pixels making the most realistic images.


Responsible performance notebook, the processor is considered the brain of the machine.

Speed ​​and efficiency are not the qualities that are solely dependent on this component before it, to choose the best laptop money 2020 it is important to pay attention to brand the processor.

Among the common world more processors are Intel and AMD manufacturers. A major difference between these two is the brand value, as AMD processors are a bit more affordable cost than Intel.

Present in most market notebooks, Intel has several lines of processors such as the Core, Pentium and Celeron.

The Pentium and Celeron versions are simpler and cheaper, as the Core has more speed and advanced technology in relation to other lines.

In line Core there are versions of i3, i5, i7 and i9. The performance of the processor, as the value is increased according to the numbering.

Suitable for most basic tasks, AMD processors are classified by Ryzen and A lines, the first being more technologically advanced.

A key advantage of AMD compared to its competitor is the low cost and energy efficiency also excels in video technology, ideal for conversion activities videos or games.


By ensuring the temporary storage of the information used by certain program, RAM makes access and performance of this faster.

The most common patterns of notebooks of memories are DDR (Double Transfer Rate), which according to the ascending order of the numbers 2,3 and 4 respectively have more benefits.

LPDDR3 memory already has the main attribute the low power consumption and smaller size, but its cost is higher compared to DDR3, for example.

The sizes of the memories directly influence the activities that will be performed in not and range from 2GB to 64GB.

The most common and that suit for money criteria are the 4GB and 8GB, since smaller memories can cause slowdowns when using multiple functions, such as opening multiple web pages, for example, and from 16GB are much more expensive .

Hard Drive (HD)

The notebook data storage can be performed through two formats: HD and SDD.

The two have to keep all function nonvolatile content after not shutdown.

The main differences between these systems are the composition, capacity and performance, and in summary the HD supports more volume and SDD is faster.

What is the best Laptop Cost Benefit?

If you analyzed in detail each criterion of choice and soon after, compared to the models cited in the rankings, certainly you know what is the best laptop money 2020, right ?!

Otherwise, we facilitate this decision making process presenting the best in technology and value, the notebook Flash F30 Intel Celeron 4GB 64GB SSD Full HD 13.3 “Samsung W10.

In addition to already come with SDD storage, Samsung Flash combines a retro look full of character with many innovative features.

All its contents is safer with digital player system that protects files and programs with exclusive access through biometrics.

Another novelty is the Recorder Plus feature that enables recording of classes, for example, while you type notes.

The images in Full HD, Intel Core processor, 4GB of memory and 64 GB SDD to perfectly meet the most varied activities and needs of those who prioritize speed and space.

And to close with excellence, the value of this notebook fits in perfectly with the condition benefit cost, which makes the Samsung flash the best laptop money 2020.