The 10 Best Disposable Diapers For Your Baby In 2020

The 10 Best Disposable diapers for your baby in 2020

The diaper is an essential item in the hygiene and comfort of the baby, however, amid so many options it is difficult to choose the best and most efficient.

Currently disposable models dominate the market, but remember, there are cloth and other material options, known as ecological diapers, which have also been the preference of many, who care about environmental issues.

Combine efficiency with comfort baby is the main objective when choosing the appropriate option.

To help, we selected the 10 best diaper 2020 that will surely meet your expectations in quality and safety when changing your baby.

Best Diapers Disposable 2020

The 10 Best Disposable Diapers For Your Baby In 2020
The 10 Best Disposable Diapers For Your Baby In 2020
The 10 Best Disposable Diapers For Your Baby In 2020
The 10 Best Disposable Diapers For Your Baby In 2020
The 10 Best Disposable Diapers For Your Baby In 2020

The options selected in the top 10 of the best diapers, include various versions, from disposable, ecological and reusable diapers.

This range aims to meet the expectations and preferences of each consumer, but always prioritizing the absorption efficiency, as well as the quality of material for comfort and health of the baby.

Knowing the main features, differences and advantages of each model will direct you the best decision.

So, check below for more details of the top 10 diapers 2020, analyzed by the Best of Home, according to the views of users.

Review of the Best 2020 Disposable Diapers

When choosing the outfit and other health elements and hygiene of the baby, a feature should always be prioritized in order to avoid losses throughout its use; the quality.

The quality of the diaper, for example, can interfere much in the routine of everyday life, providing more convenience with its use, as well as the baby’s health, as there is hypoallergenic options that prevent diaper rash and other nuisances.

Despite the quality of the diaper also reflect in the price, it is worth noting that cheaper options can bring great losses. The low absorption capacity of these models is a factor that will result in the use of more quantities of diapers, which can lead to an even greater expense.

Furthermore, depending on the technology and materials used, these lower quality may result in diaper rashes and allergies, which depend on a treatment medicine and ointments, which can further lead to higher costs on a daily basis.

Given this, invest in models that have essential resources can make all the difference to the health and comfort of your child, and greater economy in the long run.

Huggies Diaper Triple Protection

Characteristics of the Diaper

The disposable diaper of Huggies with triple protection is among the best-selling brand, because she has a high absorption technology, which can leave the baby sequinho for up to 12 hours.

It also has a anti-drain system with a more enhanced edge, which prevents that the pee or poop liquid escape the wings.

This version comes in varying sizes, and determination is made by ribbons, which even after a good use of time does not lose grip.

Huggies Supreme Care Diaper outfit

Characteristics of the Diaper

Ideal for larger babies because of their style “outfit”, the diaper Huggies Supreme Care comes with elastic waistband that facilitates the exchange, ensuring plenty of practicality.

It also provides 12-hour absorption even has the Maxisec layer and reinforced side barriers to prevent leaks.

Its technology promises three times more dry surface after the pee or poop liquid.

To remove the diaper Huggies Supreme Care is as easy as putting; just tear the side and ready, can now discard.

The elastic waistband has up to four levels of settings, enabling a wider range whatever the size or the baby’s physical characteristics.

Great absorption capacity

The adjustable elastic waistband

anti-drain barriers

Dry three times faster

Size indicated on the package may not be compatible, so choose larger sizes

Diaper-Pants MamyPoko

Characteristics of the Diaper

The Japanese brand has gained many fans MamyPoko in Brazil, due to its ultra-absorbent technology.

It has the capacity to absorb up to 250 ml of liquid and still continue to touch dry.

It also has micropores, which allow for greater air circulation bringing more comfort to the baby.

The double barrier on the side still avoid leaks, and fit perfectly to the baby’s body.

Huggies Fralda Soft Touch

Characteristics of the Diaper

Ideal for babies, diaper soft touch of Huggies has technology that soaks up the liquid poop.

His coat has soft balls like cotton, which guarantee a more soft and comfortable touch the baby.

She also has a moisture indicator that changes color at the time that the baby needs a new exchange.

The antivazamentos barriers improve safety further, even all the little sleep.

Comes in newborn sizes to P, because its use is exclusively for the first 100 days.

Soaks up the liquid poop

Coating with soft balls

barrier anti-drain

Fralda Pampers Premium Care

Characteristics of the Diaper

The Pampers brand has long been considered the best because of the technological quality in each diaper employing model.

The Premium Care, for example, has a hypoallergenic coating to prevent chafing and uncomfortable during 12 hours of their absorption.

Moreover, all its internal structure has air channels which assist in skin perspiration.

The fastening tapes are adjustable and flexible, making the switch more practical and quick.

It has also antiderrames barriers which prevent leaking pee or shit wings.

Diaper Babysec Chicken Pintadinha Ultrasec

Characteristics of the Diaper

In addition to a fair price, the diapers of BabySec Chicken Pintadinha guarantee an ultra-absorption, which promises to leave the baby sequinho in a few seconds after the pee.

It also has adjustable ribbons and flexible to make it simpler and easy exchange even fit easily to the baby’s body, without the risk of open.

The sides are waterproof, thus avoiding possible leaks, if it exceeds the gel barrier.

The design also does not lack, bringing favorite characters babies on their outside.

Pampers diaper Confort Sec

Characteristics of the Diaper

Another popular choice of Pampers, the diaper Confort Sec, as its name already refers promises to let the baby more sequinho and comfortable for a long time.

With capacity to absorb up to 12 hours, this model has air channels which facilitate skin perspiration, ultra-absorbing layer, including hypoallergenic lotion contains on its surface which prevents rashes and allergies in sensitive skin of babies.

With various types of size RN + to XXL, this diaper has a magic gel, so that the baby pees, quickly absorbs the liquid, leaving the sequinho and soft touch.

Tape the sides are adjustable and stretch easily, making the switch even more practical and fast.

With anti-drain adjustments, Pampers diaper Confort Sec is intended to make the less stuffy butt, ensuring that air can circulate freely within the diaper without leakage risks.

Diaper Disney Hyper Cremer

Characteristics of the Diaper

With a superabsorbent layer, which delivers faster pee, Nappy Disney Hyper Cremer, prevents the return of liquid to the baby’s skin, ensuring an always dry touch and soft.

It also has higher barriers which prevent the leakage of the wings.

Your new format is better suited to the baby’s body, including the tapes are flexible and not lose grip easily even opening and closing the diaper several times.

In addition to the soft touch, its outer cover resembles a tissue, making use of the diaper Disney Hyper extremely cozy Cremer to the baby.

Disposable Diaper Baby Ecological Herbia

Characteristics of the Diaper

For those dads who besides prioritizing the quality of baby care, also care about the environment, ecological disposable diaper Herbia baby may be the better alternative.

It is produced with vegetables and renewable raw materials by means of components derived from potato and maize, which makes a biodegradable resource.

Decomposition, different from ordinary disposable diapers that take 450 years, comes just 180 days, which reduces the impact to the planet with its disposal.

No animal testing, eco-diaper baby Herbia guarantees 10 hours of absorption and even comes with hypoallergenic coating without perfumes.

Even its packaging is environmentally friendly because it is compostable.

Fits perfectly to the baby’s body, due to its flexible stems, including the sides have enhanced protection in order to prevent leaks.

Ecological Reusable diaper and Adjustable

Characteristics of the Diaper

Another ecologically correct option, this time, not disposable, reusable ecological diaper can be a good choice for anyone who values ​​the economy and preserving the environment.

This model has internal pocket for provision of a strip of cloth or absorbent specific.

Both cover as the band absorber can be washed and reused, including manufacturers suggest a use of up to 800 times the cover.

Size is another great advantage, since it can be used from birth to desfralde because it has buttons that allow these settings with ease.

The coating has antibacterial properties and are generally made of materials perspiraveis ​​and rapid absorption, leaving the baby sequinho still long and prevents diaper rash.

Criteria of Choice: Diapers

Despite the visual similarity, it is worth noting not every diaper is equal.

Criteria such as absorption capacity, type of attachment, as well as material used reinforce the difference between the options and must be analyzed very tightly in order to meet all the needs of the baby and also the parents.

Amid the differences that we detail below, please note that all versions of this ranking have a fundamental characteristic: efficiency.

No matter what is your choice and what criteria to prioritize more, know that by opting for one of the 10 best diapers 2020 will be taking home a safe item, quality and certainly meet your expectations for quality.

Material Type: Disposable X Ecological

Before we start scoring criteria standards of all the diapers, there is an item that today, as the questions of the Environment, it is worth being highlighted: the type of material.

Disposable diaper

Disposable options are composed of various elements, such as cellulose pulp, superabsorbent polymer, polypropylene, polyethylene, and other elastic, adhesives and tapes.

These materials can take up to 450 years to decompose, which generates a large environmental impact. However, on the other hand, this option tends to provide more convenience to parents.

Diaper disposable ecological

Currently there are options, as is the case of Herbia Baby, ecological disposable diaper, which uses in its biodegradable material composition.

The plastic of this diaper, for example, is not derived from petroleum and its components takes only 180 days to degrade.

Reusable diaper ecological

You know that cloth diaper often used in the past, so she returned to the market in a new, more modern and practical version, called ecological diaper.

This option is composed of a waterproof fabric cover, breathable coated, hypoallergenic and fast absorbing materials such as organic cotton, dry-fit and Microsoft.

It comes with inner pocket, which is placed a strip of cloth or absorbent specific, enabling your prolonging use, only with the exchange of this element throughout the day.

The ecological diaper can be used more than 800 times, according to some Brazilian manufacturers.

The washing even can be made in the washing machine, after removing the excess of the poop or after wetting with about three hours.


When choosing the size of the disposable diaper your baby, consideration is given to the minimum and maximum weight indicated by the mark, since this factor may result in problems such as leaks or shake the baby, causing discomfort.

Reusable ecological diapers usually have a single size, which can be adjusted to the newborn babies up to 17 kg with buttons.


Disposable diapers come with attachment types on tape and also in the diaper-pants with elastic at the edge model.

The tapes are ideal for small hand still have a lot of mobility and must be disposed exchanged. Already the version with elastic at the waist are more practical and more easily bring at the time of exchange of the biggest babies move more.

Reusable ecological versions also have two types of fixation, the button that guarantee more security and adjustments in the sizes and Velcro, considered unstable.

Absorption capacity

This then an essential item to certify the quality of the diaper, the absorption capacity.

Sequinho keep the baby for a long period is the main goal of parents, time to call the best diaper.

Remember that nighttime diapers usually have a larger capacity, to reduce the exchanges during sleep.

Since the daytime can vary from 8 to 12 hours absorption. So it is important to analyze the physiological needs of each baby, as well as the amount of trades you able to do during the day.

This factor may also influence the economy, as a diaper with greater absorption can prevent the exchange varied times.

Some extra features can facilitate the daily life at the time of exchange of the diaper such as the moisture indicator.

With it, it is not necessary to remove or put your hand inside the diaper to see if it’s time to change, because it alerts externally with a color change, for example.

For babies with sensitive skin, pay attention to hypoallergenic and breathable materials may be the best solution.

What is the best disposable diaper 2020?

Number one in sales and highlight the positive reviews, the diaper Premium Care also won the top of our ranking, ensuring the best diaper title in 2020.

With unparalleled quality, this model has advantages that go to this structure of the material to the absorption technology.

Their coat with hypoallergenic lotion is ideal for the most sensitive baby skin, even this feature prevents diaper rash and other irritations.

There are 12 hours of absorption and which is best with dry touch. The Pampers Premium Care allows even at its maximum absorption capacity keep the surface dry and soft for comfort your child.

Another advantage of its coating are air channels, which allow greater air circulation inside the diaper, providing freshness and a sense of freedom to the baby.

Its handling is facilitated by the fastening tapes, more flexible and very resistant adhesion.

Finally, the sides are reinforced with antiderrames barriers that prevent leaks.

With so many qualities and benefits for the comfort and safety of your child, the Pampers Premium Care is considered the best 2020 diaper.

What is the Best Ecological Diaper 2020?

For those concerned about the ecological diapers that do not impact the environment after its disposal, highlight your best option in this ranking, the disposable diaper Herbia Baby.

It has the convenience of common disposable, however, its composition is based on plant raw materials, which take only 180 days to decompose.

In addition, it has no scent, which is ideal for sensitive skin, even the Herbia baby comes with hypoallergenic coating that protects and cares for your baby, preventing diaper rash.

The tapes are flexible, which makes the exchange even more practical and fast. It also fits easily to the baby’s body and does not cause discomfort because of its extremely soft touch.

With Herbia Baby diaper, you take care of your baby and the environment.