The 8 Best Market Refrigerators To Buy In 2020

The 8 Best Market Refrigerators To Buy in 2020

This refrigerator has shelves that can be adjusted in 8 levels high. With 340 liters, containing the Turbo function, recommended for when the refrigerator is too full. It is also possible to control the external temperature. By owning the Frost Free technology, must never be thawed. The refrigerator is protected against rust and corrosion due to EVOX technology. For this appliance, are available three-year warranty. On the site Lojas Americanas, 97% of customers recommend the product. They point out that the model freezes quickly and is also silent

This appliance also has Frost Free technology and its great advantage is the compartments. There are those who freeze cans and long necks faster. It also contains the Extrafio magazine, which best preserves the cold, dairy, and the Fresh Zone, responsible for keeping fruits and vegetables organized and preserved for longer. It has touch panel. On the site of the American Stores, 87% of Internet users recommend product. They point out the good rooms for food in the refrigerator.

With 540 L capacity, Brastemp Inverse side refrigerator has the Evox technology which protects the refrigerator rust and corrosion through the layers of zinc and films which waterproofs steel. In all, the consumer has three years warranty. Your Side by Side model provides a high capacity.

With the freezer on the bottom and cooler at the top, the best internal use is guaranteed. By owning the Ice Maker, the refrigerator produces up to 12 ice trays automatically, without the need for point of water. In addition, the product has the Frost Free defrost, door open alarm, electronic display and energy savings, with the classification A in the table. Although expensive, the product is recommended by 91% of Internet users in Lojas Americanas site. They praise the design and the freezing capacity of the refrigerator.

By owning Smart Bar, LED lighting and new magazines, the refrigerator is ideal for people seeking a lot of convenience in the kitchen. Your refrigerator is Frost Free duplex and the freezer is the largest in its category. The appliance capacity of 573 L corresponds to a side by side refrigerator. Your Procel ensures energy saving. On the site Lojas Americanas, 92% of customers recommend this product. They praise the inner space of the freezer and drawers.

One of the great advantages of this appliance is the flexibility found on the shelves. There is a shelf of retractable freezer with three options: entire shelf, and fully retracted half. In addition, the refrigerator has a specific compartment for fresh food. The function of turbo freezing allows rapid freezing of food, while the drawer of fruits and vegetables enables better organization and viewing.

Also is Frost Free, function responsible for automatic defrosting, and has the Multiflow system, which benefits the preservation of food. With a sophisticated design and front in stainless steel, the product leaves the kitchen with a more balanced appearance. On the site Lojas Americanas, customers note that your stainless steel does not stain too and that the size of the product is ideal for anyone who does not have much available space.

This product has sturdy shelves, made from seasoned video and Spill Safe technology, which, in case of spill, prevents the flow of fluids. One can draw drinking water from the outside of the refrigerator due to Water Dispenser and Ice Maker, which offers ice cubes or crushed. The Blue Touch panel provides a touch control technology, which is easy and modern cleaning. This refrigerator also has a turbo function both in the freezer, as in the refrigerator. storage drawers were also designed to enable the best organization and food display. It is possible to see the approval of 81% of Internet users in Lojas Americanas site. They praise the internal space, efficiency and Ice Maker function.

This duplex model in black is the sophistication in modern kitchens. It has a capacity of 425 liters and Procel. The refrigerator provides ease with Easy touch panel that lights when touched with the Extra Cold Drink compartment and the cooler. The Econavi technology ensures up to 10% savings, by monitoring the use and adaptation to the needs of the house.

The reverse model reduces to 33% of consumption, as it is capable of regulating the compressor according to the amount of stored food and temperature. The Fresh Zone drawer with Vitamin also enhances nutrients from food through special LED lights. To control the humidity drawer for vegetables, there is also the Climate Control. The product has 1 retractable shelf, three shelves in tempered glass, three drawers and four shelves in the refrigerator in the refrigerator door. On the site Lojas Americanas, all customers approve the product.

This product has an exclusive Samsung technology, the Twin Cooling Plus ™, which uses independent cooling systems in order to prevent the refrigerator odors from reaching the freezer. That way, you can keep frozen with the original flavor.

When necessary, it is possible to convert the freezer in the refrigerator to get more space. It is also possible to switch off the freezer to sleep mode. They are offered the options to cool and freeze quickly to the modes and Power Cool Power Freeze.

With this model, too, can make ice cubes. The refrigerator offers energy savings, promoted by LED lamps. By relying on the Digital Inverter Technology, the noises are minimized and cooler offers extended durability. On the site Lojas Americanas, the user praises the silence of the product, efficiency and good looks.


We already know the best designs and some features able to bring more convenience to your home. What if deeper the characteristics to understand what impact can bring to your kitchen?


Perhaps this is the first item to be considered when we think of buying a refrigerator. It is extremely important to know the size of refrigerators and compare with the available space at home. For those who live in an apartment, it is important also think it will be possible to offset the stairs or elevators to not be many problems at the time of shipping.


If the size refers to the outside of the refrigerator, the capacity with respect to space there is inside, or where foods are. This really is a case that will depend on the needs of people in each household. In general, a 120 gallon capacity corresponds to the small minibar, meanwhile, the refrigerator has a door between 220 and 350 liters (recommended for single or without children). Already the fridge-freezer, which can have a capacity between 250 and 500 liters is suitable for families with three and more people. For families with more than two children, the ideal capacity of refrigerators that have between 400 and 600 liters.


Power regards jurisdiction that the device will have to do its function, in the case of the refrigerator, cold. Generally, the average power of a common refrigerator is 250 W and a fridge-freezer is 300 W. Many appliances have several power levels for regulation, it enables greater flexibility when setting up your refrigerator.


If information such as size, color and number of ports is essential to decide which product is best suited to the environment, the features can meet the needs we feel on a daily basis for the production of food.

Technologies such as turbo are beneficial because they allow the rapid freezing of food. Meanwhile, Evox technology prevents rust and corrosion. But the Frost Free is extremely beneficial for those who have had to perform many thawing and wants the same job with the new products.

There are even magazines that bring features like Extrafio, which best preserves the cold and dairy products, the Fresh Zone, responsible for keeping fruits and vegetables organized and preserved for longer and the Multiflow system, which benefits the preservation of food. The best is to analyze which group of features that will be most useful in your routine, to make the final decision about your purchase.

Energy consumption

According to studies, the refrigerator is the appliance that consumes more energy. It is possible that a refrigerator two frost-free ports consume an average of 56.88 kWh monthly. Meanwhile, the simplest versions spend on average 25.2 kWh per month. For this reason, it is recommended to be aware of a very useful device at the time of purchase: Procel. It consists of a label that indicates the energy efficiency of a product. Refrigerators with Procel certificate undergone tests to demonstrate their effectiveness. There are also several tips for those who want to save energy. Two of them are quite simple: always check that the door is closed and the seal of the fridge is working properly.

Types of Refrigerators

There are some refrigerators that are already well known models on the market and have basic features, but essential for consumers. There are also functions or models that are considered more sophisticated. These differences will be reflected in concrete ways, fixed in size, features and capacity of the refrigerator. Below, separated the most common types of refrigerators:

Frost Free Refrigerator

For those who like practicality, the Frost Free refrigerators are extremely beneficial as they never need to be thawed. With a different cooling system, Frost Free helps to not icing on automatically appliance. The operation of this feature consists basically in melting ice in the evaporator, via a resistance. After the liquid is drained through a duct to achieve a container which is located above the compressor. In this location, the heat causes the evaporation of water.

refrigerator Stainless

Although taking a lot of sophistication with its bold appearance, the refrigerators in stainless not match any environment. It is recommended that they be accommodated in kitchens that have more details neutral and / or floors with dark parts. However, these products cause a great impression, if in a kitchen with the right decor. Generally, refrigerators in stainless steel have only the front part of this material, which can be easily marked to be touched. For those with children, it is good considering it really worth purchasing a product with this feature. When servicing correctly, you can keep the product stored for a long period.

This refrigerator model is a kind of innovation in the production of household appliances. There is actually a reversal of the traditional pattern known: refrigerator freezer below and above. In the case of the Inverse, the freezer is below and the refrigerator is on. The goal is to make the removal and placement of products in the most practical refrigerator. For generally more we use the refrigerator and ends up being necessary to bend down constantly to get something in the traditional model.

refrigerator Duplex

The fridge-freezer is the model with two doors. Generally, the freezer goes above and beneath the refrigerator with separate doors. In this case, the freezer internal capacity most of the time is greater. The Inverse model can also be duplex.

Geladeira Side by Side

This model is highly recommended for those who live in a house with many people, for the refrigerator door is next to the freezer door, that is, you will find plenty of room in the two compartments. On the other hand, side by side becomes irrelevant to very small kitchens. You must have plenty of space available to accommodate the product properly.

Refrigerator Two Doors

Side by Side, Duplex or Inverse. All these models are 2-door refrigerators. What is common in all cases is the increased availability of space that is in the appliance. The refrigerator of a door is recommended for those looking for more savings or live in an environment devoid of much space.

What is the Best Refrigerator?

The best refrigerator is a refrigerator Brastemp Inverse Side 540L Evox. This product is what adds more quality to consumers: besides being Inverse, has the Evox technology, preventing rust and corrosion. As the model side by side, it has a lot of internal capacity. The freezer is at the bottom and cooler at the top. It has Ice Maker, thaw Frost Free, open door alarm, electronic display, finished in stainless steel and energy savings. The product is recommended by 91% of Internet users.

Refrigerator Best Cost-Benefit

The refrigerator with the best cost-benefit is the Consul Frost Free Duplex 340 Liters Inox. Although not one of the more expensive, has several beneficial features for the consumer. The capacity is 340 L, has Procel, digital panel, stainless material, shelves with 8 levels high, turbo function, Evox technology, three-year warranty and Procel. It is also highly praised the site Lojas Americanas, 97%.

Refrigerator Best Price

The Brastemp Frost Free 375 liters with the white color is the refrigerator at the best price. Still, it has several advantages such as the Frost Free. There is also the Extrafio compartment for the cold and dairy products, and the Fresh Zone, responsible for keeping fruits and vegetables organized and preserved for longer. It also has touch panel.

Best Frost Free Refrigerator

Best Frost Free refrigerator is white duplex Brastemp with 573L capacity. It has Smart Bar, LED lighting, new magazines and the freezer is the largest in its category. With its Procel, ensures energy saving. The product is praised by the inner space of the freezer and drawers.

Best Refrigerator Mark

In the list of the best refrigerators 2020, most of the products is the Brastemp brand. There is even a refrigerator Consul, two from Electrolux, one of Panasonic and Samsung. However, the Brastemp refrigerators with innovative technologies in different models that cater to different buyer profiles.