The 6 Best Soundbars (Jbl, Lg, Samsung And Pioneer) 2020

The 6 Best Soundbars (JBL, LG, Samsung and Pioneer) 2020

Nothing better to prioritize the quality of leisure and entertainment of your home with new features and technologies. The TV no doubt; is the electronics that more is this means of distraction and to make this experience even more enjoyable, combining one Soundbar the environment makes their amazing use.

The soundbar, also known as “sound bar” is a stereo system, which aims to amplify the audio from the TV. It has speakers and external or integrated subwoofers.

The purpose of this equipment is to offer a sound quality more powerful and no noise, equivalent to the sensation provided by the cinema.

Modern and compact design, the soundbar is ideal for environments of up to 30m² and just like any other technological device, comes with connectivity options to optimize its operation.

If you want to ensure a more realistic and immersive auditory effect, know the details of this system and check out what the best soundbar 2020.

Best Soundbars 2020

Highlights both the views of users, and the quality of the technology used, these soundbars outperform their competitors in the audio transmission criteria, design and extra features.

With brands most renowned and innovative features, the six best soundbars meet the main expectations of consumers in power, connectivity and sound quality.

For details of each model, follow the information below and choose the one that meets your needs.

Review of the Best 2020 Soundbar

Besides varying in designs, these soundbars offer different features that meet the most varied tastes and styles.

The value also differs, which makes the system accessible to various audiences.

Some even have more features, such as connectivity via Bluetooth and the option of integrated or external subwoofers.

Whatever option is chosen, it is worth remembering that the soundbar is an intermediate sound feature, more powerful than the TV speaker, however, narrower than the Home Teather, for example. See more!

Soundbar: Choice Criteria

There are many factors that can determine the best soundbar for your home, so it is very important to pay attention to every technical detail of this unit before making the purchase.

The variety of brands enable a broader access to this feature, as some models have excellent value for money, others come with more advanced technologies, ideal for those who prioritizes modernity.

Among the main criteria, the size of equipment, power, connectivity, installation and design can make all the difference in the efficiency of its use.

Other factors such as energy consumption, value and extra features also help to define the best option according to your expectation.


The soundbar is a very compact unit and can be used on the TV panel, but also fixed on the wall itself.

This compactness is one of the benefits of this system, since every day the TV is thinner and requiring less apparatuses and wires.

Sound bars usually measure between 80 to 122cm about. The more speakers they have, the greater its size in length.


The potency of this guide SoundBars ranging from 60 to 320W. This number is ideal for spaces up to 30 m². Depending on the breadth of the room, of 16 m² for example, models with 100W is enough.


The most modern systems soundbar have bluetooth connectivity, which ensures the pairing with the TV easier.

This feature also ensures the pairing with mobile, ideal for listening to that favorite music playlist, eliminating the use of a speaker, for example.


Remember that each speaker can be individually connected to the TV, depending on the connection system, so it is important to pay attention to the number that each has soundbar. However, a great advantage is that even with the use of cables, this system does not have many threads, making it very practical installation.

Most is already done by bluetooth system, which enables connectivity almost automatic.


The design of each brand varies widely, but generally all are very compact and versatile to any decor.

The primary format, as well as its popular name, resembles a bar, others have come in more rounded and modern versions.

Most of the time part of the panel environment is confusing even with the TV itself, making its very discreet presentation.

The external subwoofer resembles a speaker, but can integrate perfectly environment when positioned next to or below the TV.

Energy consumption

Although consumption is not excessive, the soundbar consumes power even in standby mode.

Operating comes to spend an average of 50 to 200W. A tip to save more energy with the soundbar is to use power strips with switch.

In addition to connectivity via Bluetooth, mentioned earlier, the soundbar may also have volume adjustments of resources and sound source by the TV display.

The subwoofer is also another resource that can come already integrated in the device, as well as in external mode.

The wifi options are already more limited, exclusive for use with applications.

What is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a speaker that produces the most bass audio. The soundbars that have built-in subwoofer, has the advantage of compactness, even you only need to use one output on the TV.

But the external subwoofer has more power sound, however, takes up more space and need more cables to connect, but some models also have wireless connection.

What is the difference between a Soundbar and a Home Theater?

The only thing the soundbar and Home Teather have in common is the purpose: to improve the quality of TV sound, since the structure, operation and end result are completely different.

Among the differences, we can mention the amount, size and sound quality.

The soundbar has a more affordable price than the home teather, which in contrast has more features and a sound quality far more potent.

The difference in the emission of sound, makes the Home Teather a better option for larger rooms, since it fills the environment, causing the sound comes from all sides, however, their disadvantage beyond the highest value, is that it takes more space and the installation requires more care.

But the soundbar is an option for those who have little space and do not want to spend a lot to improve the quality of TV audio. With few or wireless, it is installed and handled easily without many complications, as in the case of Home Teather.

What is the Best 2020 Soundbar?

Based on the opinions of users, amount of sales and technical characteristics, the soundbar Samsung Hw-nw700 / zd – 2.0 Channels, 140w and 7 Speakers is the best option in 2020 to ensure higher quality and sound output to your TV.

It comes with power 140W and despite not having external subwoofer ensures a very clear and immersive sound sensation with its seven built-in speakers.

Connectivity is a strong feature of this model, as in addition to the Bluetooth, the soundbar Hw-nw700 / zd comes with Wifi, One Control, Alexa 3PDA, Micro USB for LAN / SW Update, optical connection and Auto Power Link.

The design is another attraction of this version, as well as slim it is very light and unobtrusive, fitting easily into any type of decoration.

Without the need for wires, Samsung soundbar installation is very easy and convenient, including, it comes with support that does not appear to be embedded in the TV.

What is the Best Soundbar Cost-Effective?

For those who want to improve the quality of TV sound, but gives priority to the price of the equipment, a great option is the Soundbar Mondial Sb-01.

With power of 60W, it is ideal for smaller environments and their compactness ensures that it is willing to ease below the TV.

Connectivity is also a strong element of this model, which comes with USB; SD Card; auxiliary input and Bluetooth.

The remote control is another item that assists in the handling and control of volume and sound mode.

The uniqueness of this model is up to the FM radio option, which makes the use of this soundbar even more functional and efficient.

What is the Best Soundbar mark?

Due to the variety of models, values ​​and technological resources employed in soundbars, the JBL brand has been considered the best brand, not only in the category of soundbar, but also other sound features such as stereo boxes, headphones, including professional sound .

Your model Soundbar JBL Bar 2.1 is among the most preferred category and not only was rated the best in the ranking due to connectivity and power of Samsung Hw-nw700 / zd overcome this regard.

There are models with even more advanced features, however, the value turns out to be less accessible, and there are also more basic options that can be purchased for a very nice price.

This versatility of the brand ends up becoming one of the most popular and therefore your most desired products among consumers and lovers of powerful sound.

Tips to maximize the use of your soundbar

Now that you know the best designs and the main features that a soundbar should be to improve the audio quality of your TV, check out these tips to make this listening experience even more amazing and enjoyable.

Learn more about the inputs and connectivity Soundbar

Among the main selection criteria, connectivity is one of the most prioritized by consumers, as it is what will ensure system validation with the TV.

As detailed in the best soundbars 2020, the connection can take place between the most common means such as Bluetooth, Wifi, HDMI, optical cable and USB. See more about each!


The connection via Bluetooth is very simple and practical. In many cases it happens automatically, while others soundbars apply for authorization at least the first time, to pair the devices.

Some bluetooth systems of TVs automatically detect the product, if it does not, go to the settings menu, then Bluetooth and connect to the device that appears, usually with the name of the soundbar’s brand.


The connection via WiFi is an exclusive function of some models soundbar, so it is necessary to use the brand applications to ensure their use.

The soundbars Samsung and LG, for example, come with this type of connectivity and the pairing is done by applications on smartphones, or in the case of LG, with the Magic Remote control is also possible.


The HDMI cable may provide additional stability in the connection, however, the use of wires makes this type of connection visually disadvantage.

Most models come with an input and an HDMI output. It is important to pay attention to the amount of entries this system on TV.

Optical out

If the HDMI inputs are already being used by the TV along with other resources, another connectivity option is through the optical cable.

With it travels signal into digital mode by pulses of light, which does not lose the quality of transmission. Remember that the optical cable travels exclusively audio data, making its use with very favorable soundbar.


With the USB option you can connect flash drives, including smartphones without the need for Bluetooth connection.

This type of input greatly facilitates the use of the soundbar without the TV, replacing the speakers, for example.