The 9 Best Hair Dryer Check In 2020

The 9 Best Hair dryer Check in 2020

A long time ago that hair dryers are no longer unique items of beauty salons to be increasingly present in homes and bags of Brazil.

In addition to providing more convenience to everyday life, through this electrical appliance you can transform the look in minutes, eliminating the aid to a professional hair.

The various options dryers include portable models, ideal to transport them everywhere; more professional lines, including versions suitable for every hair type.

To combine the benefits of its main tool needs, worth checking out some technical features, extra features and the experience of users, after all, the more information about the product you have, the more satisfaction and durability will have through your choice.

Differences, essential attributes and other advantages make up this ranking of the Best Hair Dryers 2020. Enjoy these tips now and guarantee your own!

2020 Best Hair Dryers

Models with key features and functionality, but with differences that can make your decision easier.

Is an extra function, increased drying capacity or more affordable value, these Taiff brands, range, Babyliss, Philco, Mondial and Dyson were highlights in the category of Best Hair Dryer 2020, both the number of purchase information, as the advantages of performance.

To learn more about each of them, check out the details of presentation of each dryer at your sheet, including the pros and cons based on buyers’ opinions.

Review of 2020 Best Hair Dryers

Faster the drying procedure, more ergonomic, affordable value and less damage to the hair. All these criteria were prioritized during the selection of the best 2020 hair dryers.

The hectic routine of everyday life calls for our electronics, home appliances and mobile devices monitor this demand time and facilitate the activities proposed.

Thinking about it, the beauty industry comes with each release with a powerful and versatile option in hair dryer that meets the most diverse requirements and needs of consumers.

Among these main news, find out what are the best for you from the descriptions below.

Criteria of Choice: Hair Dryers

Although the purpose is the same: dry hair, various criteria differentiate each model of the other, including the advantages of drying time, temperature and wire protection also vary.

professional lines, high-performance and portable models that fit in the bag are the primary variables to direct your choice.

What will really bring any satisfaction in your purchase is to combine these criteria with their daily needs.

To show that the main factors that should be evaluated and chosen according to your preference.


The speed of drying depends on a single factor, the power of the dryer. Through it is determined that the temperature level reaches the air jet and its speed.

An ideal power for home use is around 1.600w above 2000w is already considered professional use.

But do not think that higher power is the best for drying of the wires, for its indication varies according to the type of hair.

temperature and speed options

Despite the power be responsible for the drying time, temperature and speed options can help an ideal fit for your hair type.

Some models mentioned above have up to 6 types of combinations that allow the use of well variously serving more than one type of hair, for example.

The hotter, the faster the process, however, higher temperatures can damage fragile and thin hair.

If time is not the problem, it is best to dry your hair in warm and close with a cold air jet to reduce frizz while still ensuring that glow in the wires.


The dryer weight greatly influences on ergonomics, mainly if it is used at work for long hours.

In order not to hurt and tired muscles, it is recommended dryers with approximately 300 to 900 grams. For professional use, the ideal is that they have less than 500 grams, although it is very difficult to associate high power with this kind of reduced weight.

Benefits for wires

The dryer of composite material is capable of emitting ions loads or infrared dealing wires while drying.

These benefits are released during air heating process and help to seal the wires cuticles providing more shine and softness.

The difference between these benefits vary according to the intended purpose, including some models, such as the positive ions are recommended for professional use only.

One of the main extra features of dryers is the cold air jet, which enhances the fixation of hairstyles and also the brightness of the wires at the end of drying.

Some models have accessories like combs and diffusers to assist in modeling or facilitate straightening processes.

The portable versions can come with folding systems in order to further optimize the size of the dryer.

Newer models now come with silencers that reduce noise, considered by many, a great inconvenience of dryers.

Difference between the dryer domestic and professional use

As explained above, the big difference between a hair dryer and a common business line is its power capacity.

From 2000w is now regarded as professional use, but other factors such as the amount of temperature levels, can also categorize the type of dryer, because a hairdresser will use the machine in different types of hair, before that, the adjustment heat to each wire is essential.

Another feature is the purpose of the service, drying and brushing ask dryers with negative ions and infrared rays, as some chemical, moisturizing and keratinization is necessary to use dryers that emit positive ions, more common among professionals of beauty.

What better Hairdryer?

Considering the capacity of the power, weight and benefits to the hair, the dryer ION Tourmaline Ceramic 2000W – 110V Taiff was named best hairdryer 2020.

Besides having the advantage to be the best-selling and highly rated category, this model has a high power 2000w, allowing the drying process happens quickly, even while drought comes.

The Tourmaline Ceramic ION combines both the benefits of tourmaline stone that releases negative ions, the ceramics that distributes heat evenly, keeping the wire water.

The result of this union is a softer, silky and healthy hair.

As for performing the process, the end of three meters and the weight of the dryer which does not reach 800 grams, ensure improved ergonomics and comfort during drying.

Best professional hair dryer

With the incredible power capacity of 2600W, the dryer Taiff Unique Vis is successful sales of the professional line.

Reducing drying time and providing excellent results in brushes, including thicker and voluminous hair, this version of Taiff still has 5 temperature to properly adjust to each type of hair and a reduced consumption of 2.60 kW / h.

Protecting and recovering the wires, the Taiff Unique Vis releases more than 67 million negative ions per cm3. The extra feature jet cold also enhances the result.

Another major benefit of this model is the cost benefit. Being professional category, the cost is considered low compared to its competitors.

Best Hair Dryer Brand

Quoted in three models ranking of the best dryers 2020, including two of them considered the best of domestic and professional category, the dryers of Taiff brand are already benchmark of quality and satisfaction for a long time.

Combining efficiency, benefits to the wire at a great price, Taiff leads the sales of these beauty products that are already essential in the homes of Brazilian.

The varieties of models and lines, ranging from handheld to high performance ensures the possibility of an ideal dryer for each hair type or purpose.

A choice without mistakes and regrets must also be based on the image and reputation of the company and following this principle, the Taiff also overcomes.

To further enhance the result of the chosen dryer, how about combining their use with a good flat iron ?!

Either to flatter or modeled hair, sure it is that as well as dryers, many models bring benefits of treatment and wire protection.

To know the best flat irons 2020 check out this selection we have prepared for you that prioritizes the health of the wire first!