The 9 Best Electric Ovens 2020 [Embed, Table And Bench]

The 9 Best Electric Ovens 2020 [Embed, Table and Bench]

The modern and perfect kitchen should be functional and practical. With the turbulent routine people increasingly seek appliances that facilitate their daily lives, such as electric ovens.

Electric ovens are convenient and allow you to make numerous recipes. They are also a solution for those with stovetops and has no room for roasting meats, cakes, among other goodies.

Best 2020 Electric Ovens

In this article you will learn all about electric furnaces, which features should consider prior to purchase and how to check the differences of each of the models mentioned above.

Review of the Best 2020 Electric Ovens

Before any purchase must always analyze the pros and cons of a product to make sure we’re doing a good acquisition. There would be different when choosing an electric oven.

Below we list the top nine electric furnaces and present its characteristics, so you can see which model best meets your needs.

Electric oven

Now you know the top nine electric oven models, however, it is necessary to analyze the main characteristics to determine whether the chosen model actually meets your need.

It is important to analyze the size of the electric furnace, considering the amount of people who will eat the food prepared in it, plus the ability, power and energy consumption. We can not forget the features that are extra the appliance and represent the differential.


To determine the optimal size of your electric oven will consider how to use. You are buying food to prepare just for you or for your entire family? How many people live in your home?

Consider the dimensions of the space that will accommodate the electric oven. No use buying a device to be higher if then not have where to put it. Measure the space because it will facilitate the choice.

In general, large electric furnaces are those that have a larger storage capacity, as for Example 84 liters. They are ideal for preparing larger amounts of food or even that will use the appliance professionally.

Larger models are recessed on average dimensions are 62 x 60 x 60 cm. Because they are built visually they do not occupy much space, but it should be something planned in advance.

Already in question have small electric oven or mini desktop models, with capacity of 10 and 20 liters on average. They are ideal for those who want preparation simpler and smaller.

Because they are more compact dimensions vary around 25 x 35 x 40 cm. They can be accommodated in cabinets, shelves and some can even be used at the table.


The capacity of the electric furnace is measured in liters. The higher, the greater will also be the appliance and internal storage. Before choosing which ideal, consider how it will use if it is just for one person, for more, whether it is domestic or professional.

The models vary capacity, there is less of 10 liters and the largest with 84 liters. Of course, the higher the capacity, the more expensive the product is, in addition to having different features.


Since the power is more related to the electric furnace model. For example, an electric table oven has a lower power than the pressing, since its use is different.

The more powerful, faster is the preparation and the electric oven heating. On average, power is 1500 to 1750 w. Some models of embedding arrive at 1860 w.

It is noteworthy that, being electric, the power of the devices is very similar, as the source of energy is the same for all cases.


Each additional feature that has an electric oven will make your final price is higher. It is they who make the appliance more practical, useful and even flashy. It is interesting that you have already defined the features you want to look for a machine.

In general, the audible timer and thermostat with temperature control are essential in food preparation. Some devices are equipped with automatic and programmable features that make it practical food preparation.

There are also electric furnaces that have waste tray, facilitating cleaning, or are non-stick and self-cleaning, the dream of every housewife. It is noteworthy that some, with greater capacity, with adjustable trays, allowing them to be prepared over a plate simultaneously.

Energy consumption

As everyone should know, the different electric oven of a traditional stove consumes power and needs it to function. In general, they consume an average of 1.75 kW / h.

We point out that some desktop models and even has a lower power consumption, coming to 0.60 kW / h. But add the appliance into your routine will not make a considerable difference in the account at the end of the month, can rest assured.

What is the Best Electric Oven?

We are nearing the end of the article and it’s time for deciding which model to choose. All nine electric ovens listed above are quality and have a great operation. Regardless of your decision will not regret it.

Take advantage of our three finals and has set suggestions which one will be your new electric oven considering their necessidades.Porem to make it even easier, we have listed a top three, with the best electric furnace for pressing, bench and benefit costs. It is noteworthy that the choice is made from the pros and cons listed above.

Do not forget that it is important to consider your needs and expectations for an electric oven. Keep in mind everything you want in the appliance as well as can invest. Finally, see if our suggestions meet your demand.

Best Electric Furnace Embed

The Cob84ar Model Consul is the best electric furnace embed. With an average investment of R $ 1,100.00, you have a complete unit, which has self timer shutdown and easy menu control, which allows you to choose the temperature, shelf and the ideal time for each preparation.

It is a great appliance, with 84 liters capacity and allows you to prepare goodies for the whole family, or for veiling and increase budget at the end of the month.

The voltage is 220 and has only one burner. Reaches the maximum temperature of 260 ° C, with a power of 1860 W and power consumption of 1850 kW / h. To prepare the place for installing it knows that the device dimensions are 61.9 x 60 x 58 cm, weighing approximately 27 kilograms.

On shopping sites the average product rating is four stars, with a few complaints about the delivery, but numerous compliments about the usability and provided results.

Best Electric Countertop Oven

Already as best electric countertop oven indicate the electric furnace Sapore Inox table. The appliance voltage is 110 or 220 and you can buy it by the average price of $ 850.00.

Visually it is a beautiful appliance and will give a modern look to your kitchen. Mirrored glass and stainless finish is ideal to make the same show.

The product is very highly rated on shopping sites, which, consumers rave about the efficiency in food preparation, the quality and beauty of the electric oven.

The piece is brand Mueller, has 44 liter capacity, has crumb tray, is non-stick, has power of 1750 W and consumes only 0.61 kW / h. Only weighs 12 kilograms 6 and its measurements are 36 x 58 x 54 cm.

Best Electric Oven Cost Benefit

To finalize our list, could not miss the appointment of a toaster oven that features a cost-effective, that is, you are investing a great value to have the features you need.

The indication is the electric flex easy clean oven 46 liters White – Layr. You can choose between voltage 110 or 220 and the value of the product is on average $ 600.00 on online shopping sites.

Very practical, electric oven provides agility to the preparations from day to day. 46 liter capacity, it has a medium size and recommended for those who want to make recipes for you and also for some guests.

The apparatus of Layr brand is portable, ie wireless, but still can not be brought to the table. It is not non-stick, nor has crumb tray, but its technology is enough to facilitate cleaning and conservations of the product.

The power is 1750W and the consumption of only 0,9kW / h. Weighs less than 12 kg and its dimensions are 34.9 x 57.5 x 52.3 cm, ideal for countertops or cabinets.

In online buying electric oven sites is five star rating, with compliments about the size, quality and functionality of the appliance. Some customers come to review that were surprised after the first use.

Make your choice

With all the information obtained from this article it is impossible to not be able to choose an electric oven for your home. Do you have indications of the nine best designs and also an aid to analyze each of the relevant characteristics at the time of purchase.

See the amount available for investment, which define the desired features and acquire now an electric oven. With it, you have more convenience in the preparation of recipes, as well as make them more palatable.

Invest in your kitchen, leaving the most modern, beautiful and functional space. Buy an electric oven and get the fastest and preparations with a much smaller effort than before.