The 7 Best Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020

The 7 Best Gamer Chairs to Buy in 2020

With so many technological and digital innovations, leisure and entertainment media become increasingly interactive and similar to reality.

PC games (PC), for example, go beyond fun instruments and today, as part of the career of many people.

Regardless of what the purpose, hobby or even for work, there is an essential resource for the practice of virtual games, so that all the action is performed comfortably and with all the attention, and this item is the gamer chair.

The gamer chair usually has unique characteristics of design and ergonomics, which differ from one office chair.

The main objective of the gamer chair is to reduce fatigue and stress caused by games, which often take more than 8 hours, as well as providing more comfort and health to the user.

Among various models, brands and values, check the details and differences that make these six options, the best seats gamers 2020.

Best gamers chairs 2020

This top six we present the best gamers chairs that serve different types of audience.

Be a professional or even, for those looking for just a few hours of leisure and entertainment, there is an ideal gamer chair to provide all necessary comfort and ergonomics.

So in order to use, the features of each option also change. To find out which is the one that matches your expectations, know all the details of this model highlights in sales and reviews on the internet.

Review of Best Gamers Chairs 2020

Spend hours and hours in front of a computer can be exhausting even for leisure activities, such as virtual games.

For those who professionally play, this long period sitting next to stressful situations gamer can cause various discomforts throughout the day, both mental and physical.

To relieve some of the tension and leave the correct posture, the gamer chair becomes essential in the routine of these people.

She and involves all parts of the body, also ensures the proper disposal of each muscle, so that none is overloaded or improperly positioned. To this it comes with Rear Head, arms, height adjustment and soft upholstery, which ensures perspiration.

Raidmax chair Drakon Gaming Dk-702gn Black / Green – DK-702GN

The 7 Best Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020

Technical characteristics Chair Gamer

Comfort and ergonomics of the right size with the chair gamer Raidmax Drakon Gaming Dk-702gn.

With all coating courino and cushion for the lower back, this option Drakon allows you to play for hours without any physical discomfort.

She tilts up to 180 °, which enables to a quick rest or stretch without leaving your computer screen.

Both the seat height, as its inclination can be adjusted according to the preferences and needs of the user.

It even comes with a swing function and a stylish, compact design that can suit any space or decor.

Its foam is high density and high chair gamer Raidmax Drakon Gaming Dk-702gn has a strong metal structure, which supports up to 110 kg.

Chair Gamer Professional TGC12 Black THUNDERX3

The 7 Best Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020

Technical characteristics Chair Gamer

Despite being in the professional category, the Professional Gamer Chair TGC12 Black THUNDERX3 has very affordable value, which ensures greater product popularity.

She tilts up to 180 °, perfect location to relax a while and resume the game with more energy. It also comes with a swing function which lengthens the spine and ensures the ideal position, according to the chosen game.

Other settings include bidirectional forearm support gamer chair settings TGC12, seat height and 360 °.

In the elegant appearance, comfort is evidenced by its density foam 50 (seat) and 45 (back), moreover, the polyurethane material with details of carbon fiber ensures greater durability.

Gamer Chair, ThunderX3, BC3BR, 2019, Windows XP, Red

The 7 Best Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020

Technical characteristics Chair Gamer

With numerous positive evaluations, the chair gamer ThunderX3, BC3BR makes any online game even more enjoyable.

Its synthetic leather composition Premium ensures more comfort for people who spend hours sitting in front of the gamer monitor even comes with Air Tech technology, which enables a breathable surface.

Furthermore, it has high density foam prevents pains in the lumbar and cervical region.

Accompanies also a sin pad, seeking greater ergonomics for the user.

Speaking of ergonomics, has height adjustment of the seat, backrest tilt, and also on the arms, which can be positioned forward, backward, up and down.

His bleating function can be varied between 3 ° to 18 °. Since the slope reaches 180 °.

The structure of ThunderX3, BC3BR is enhanced, supporting up to 150 kg. It is worth highlighting its design, inspired by the Boxer engine.

Cadeira Gaming TT GTF100/BLACK&RED/FIT SIZE/4D/75MM

The 7 Best Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020

Technical characteristics Chair Gamer

For best performance in games, the gamer chair TT GTF100 comes with special anti-fatigue design, and provide a lot of ergonomics with its tilt adjustment, height and arm.

The pads that come with the chair, aim to stabilize the cervical spine, and reduce fatigue throughout the games.

With steel frame and high-density foam, TT GTF100 offers comfort combined with durability in full measure.

According to the users of TT GTF100, even with the passage of time, this chair gamer does not lose its shape, because the quality of its foam and coating.

Another advantage is that this material allows perspiration, preventing discomfort caused by the user’s sweat.

Cadeira Gamer AKRacing Player Black Blue 10040-5

The 7 Best Gamer Chairs To Buy In 2020

Technical characteristics Chair Gamer

This gamer chair AKRacing version comes with key features prioritized by professional players.

Starting with its PU leather material, which in addition to resistant provides more comfort for people who spend hours on end in the same position.

It has further adjustments in height and tilt arm to the user to adjust, according to their preference and biotype.

Comes with pads to ease the tension of the lumbar and cervical region, including, they can be removable.

Tilting up to 180 degrees, the AKRacing provides all the comfort you deserve, including its modern design is another plus point of this brand, expert gamer.

Kadeira Gamer Matt Raker In Master Pkies Matstimspt

Technical characteristics Chair Gamer

For anyone seeking a cost effective option, without doubt Pcyes Madstimspt Gamer Chair Mad Racer Sti Master meets this expectation.

Made of polyurethane material with foam density D60, this chair provides comfort, combined with durability, features prioritized by the most experienced users.

It has adjustable height and tilt even comes with Til mechanism system, allowing the chair to track the movement and tilt of your body whenever you need to relax.

All your settings is quick and easy way, thanks to its gas piston mechanism (lit. gas).

Its design is unobtrusive and blends with any decor or environment, including many to use in the office, because your maximum comfort.

Gamer Chair Pelegrin Reclining Pel-3018 Black and Green

Technical characteristics Chair Gamer

With design inspired by sports cars, the chair gamer Pelegrin unites ergonomic practicality, since your adjustments can be made quickly without any complication.

In addition to the soft and breathable coating material still comes with the Pelegrin pad to ensure a better posture and arrangement of the lumbar region.

Another advantage of this version of the chair gamer is Pelegrin compactness, as for all large and strong structure, it weighs only 18 kg, and has the dimensions 85 x 65 x 28 cm.

It comes with pads that make her even more comfortable structure, including these accessories can be removed if desired.

Choose criteria: Chair Gamer

Given the importance of a gamer chair for the comfort and health of the user, various brands have been prioritizing this item, which ensures a greater number of models with different features and functions.

Because of this great competition it is difficult to choose the best gamer chair, since many are similar primarily in the design.

Remember that despite having similar characteristics, there are details that completely change the effectiveness of this feature, such as the amount of adjustments, the composite material, the design, including the value.

To make the right choice, consideration is given to these criteria and see which best meets your needs as a professional or amateur.


The amount of adjustments that the gamer has chair will set your degree of ergonomics. An ergonomic chair gamer needs a minimum of three settings:

In addition to these settings it is fundamental that the chair has arm rests and wheels, to facilitate locomotion.

The quilt should be soft and allow for perspiration, preventing sweat bother the player or even spot your chair.


Both to ensure ergonomics for durability gamer chair, the composite material should be quality in front of it, prioritize steel or metal structures.

The padding should be injected high density foam as it ensures greater comfort to the lumbar and all subsequent leg.

Since the coating is generally nylon mesh or PU synthetic leather that allows perspiration. Other models also come with details in PVC.


The likeness of the gamer chair design with the seat of a car is not a coincidence. The original idea was precisely this, it replicate the car seat to convey a sense of reality during racing games.

The approval of the eye was such that continued following the same line, however, each release some adjustments were made to support other types of games.

The most striking colors and unusual combinations are also part of this characterization of gamers chairs, however, there are more neutral models for those who still prefer the basics.

Another possibility for the gamer chair design is to customize it according to your favorite game, either in shape, color or illustrated figures.

To bring an experience closer to reality, some gamers chairs come with coupled wheels and other controls.

Others have more ergonomic options and also come with retractable system, which enables greater opening to the leg support.

For those who prioritize a few minutes of relaxation, there are versions with massage system, which minimize the stress of the games and also reduce possible pain.


Despite the value of the chair gamer it is considered high, noting valley, that the benefits of ergonomics outweigh any cost.

In addition to preventing injuries and pain, this type of chair encourages better posture and proper distribution of each body part.

The range varies from $ 500 to R $ 5,000 on average. The popularity of the brand, as well as the features and chair material are often responsible for this difference.

The fact that this item be increasingly more popular in homes, gives rise to new options even more accessible in the market.

But to make the right choice, if you watch all the criteria mentioned above and leave the value finally, after all, there is no point purchasing a cheap product because if it does not have durability and quality, the damage will be greater.

Difference between the gamer chair and an ergonomic office chair

You may have thought, as the main purpose of gamer chair is to provide comfort and preserve the health of the user, why not use an ergonomic office chair? And the answer is clear, because there are many differences, see what!

Office chair

May have retractable system for leg support

They do not have this system

You must have abutment arms

Optional backrest arm

Design more flashy

It has more settings

The production of ergonomic chairs, both gamer as the office go through studies and tests done by highly qualified professionals to offer the best in terms of use.

In short, gamers chairs have special and unique features for players, as well as the office bring own specifications for the work environment must be respected. Each type for its proposal, otherwise there would not be these options.

What is ergonomics?

This criterion as mentioned in relation to the quality of seats corresponds to standards regulated by NR17, aimed at providing better physical and psychological conditions under certain object with the activity performed.

In the case of chairs, this standard seeks to adapt its structures to the needs of the human body, so that the long period using them, does not generate discomfort or harm the user’s health.

An ergonomic chair should have settings to suit the height and weight of the user, as well as specific characteristics according to the activities to be carried out.

On meeting the standards of NR 17 (Regulatory Norm for Safety and Occupational Medicine), it is important to note that there is no seal on the chairs to specify this feature, however, by analyzing the product technical characteristics you can confirm this.

What is the best chair Gamer 2020?

With numerous technical features considered essential to provide more comfort and quality during the games, the ThunderX3 BC3BR is at the top of our ranking as the best gamer chair 2020.

Its synthetic leather material Premium with details in carbon fiber, as well as durable is extremely comfortable, combining softness and possibility of perspiration due to its Air Tech technology.

She tilts up to 180 °, which allows an ideal body relaxation to those who spend long hours sitting in front of the game.

With ergonomic feature allows the height adjustment of the seat, the backrest, as well as arms, which can be moved up and down, front and back.

It also comes with extra features balance function, which relieves tension of the games, as well as providing more relaxing, even has two pads that stabilize the lumbar and cervical.

All material ThunderX3 BC3BR is of excellent quality and durability. The cushions have high density and do not deform over time.

Users of 150 kg can use the ThunderX3 BC3BR with all the stability, because besides the reinforced structure, it is robust and spacious.

Its not design falls short because modern addition is inspired by the Boxer engine.

Besides all these technical qualities and functional of ThunderX3 BC3BR, another detail that made her stay in first place in our ranking was popularity among users.

The ThunderX3 BC3BR is among the best selling category and collect positive evaluations, highlighting its comfort, ergonomics and structural quality, which help in better performance in games.

What is the Best Gamer Chair Mark?

Although not get in the first place of the best gamer chair ranking, Akracing brand appears twice in this guide with two models that do not fall short in quality, functionality and efficiency.

Among the brands of gamers chairs, she is the one that has stood out due to the variety of models it offers, as well as price points that meet different audiences.

Its models include the preferences of professionals, aimed at modern and technological resources to amateurs who value the benefit cost.

Also, all manufacturing equipment aimed at the comfort and durability of the seats, which also meet the standards of ergonomics NR17.

With positive reviews of users and higher sales in the popular internet retail sites, the chairs of Akracing brand will surely meet the needs of the most demanding gamers, so it was considered the best brand in this category in 2020 by our guide.