The 7 Best Best Electric Shavers 2020

The 7 Best Best Electric Shavers 2020

A beard trimmed and set or even a face hairless, whatever the option for these hygiene and beauty of man, the electric shaver can be a great ally to provide more flexibility and safety during the procedure.

Ideal for those with sensitive skin, this device reduces the possibility of cuts, irritations and allergies, usually caused by the common blades.

A variety of models with accessories and special technologies for each type of beard allows better results, according to what you want.

There are also differences in types of cuts and materials, and other resources that fit the key requirements and needs for the appliance to be the best electric shaver in 2020.

Best Electric Shavers 2020

In this guide you will find the razors with better technical features, build quality and especially the best evaluation in the market user experience.

Philips brands, Panasonic and Britain add the main criteria for providing a quick shave, safe and efficient.

With options varying in features and values, whatever the desired result in shaving you will have the best through one of these models.

Review of Best Electric Shavers 2020

The care of the beard is a routine need of man, regardless of preference in size, volume or even complete removal.

So much for trimming as to scrape the whole of the face, the use of electric razor promotes more convenience and security.

It is noteworthy that this procedure not only benefits the aesthetics but also the hygiene of man. Even if you choose a higher option beard, trim the hair and outline its contour makes the look even more enjoyable and easy to clean.

In this guide we select various options ranging from more definite results, complete scaling and also for those who prefer only trim and around the beard. Check every detail and choose your best shaver 2020.

Criteria of Choice: Electric Shavers

Models of electric shavers vary both in size and in the type of operation and results.

There are ideal for removal of the versions completely, as there are other more suitable for trimming and contouring.

For choosing the best electric shaver, and prioritize what outcome you want, other criteria may further contribute to the satisfaction of your purchase.

The coating, for example, greatly influences the type of beard and skin, as well as the weight on ergonomics during use.

Other features such as battery life, accessories and design even more direct in choosing the ideal shaver, according to your preference.

Cut Type

It is easy to distinguish the cut type of electric shaver, because only the format is already possible to identify this variation.

The most common are the rotary and sheet, in addition to differently as removing the hair, other aspects influence this choice, for example, if the hair is thicker or thinner.

Operation wet or dry

Most shavers mentioned in this guide can be used both dry and with wet skin. Some even are ideal for shaving in the shower.

The advantage is the dry battery life, since they generally can be used with the wire in the socket.

Already wet reduce friction with the skin, as the blades slide more easily with water, and ensure more freshness and comfort while scraping.

The models waterproof also have another advantage, ease of cleaning, just rinse them under running water and are ready for use again.

Type Beard and Skin

As noted above, the rotary shavers are perfect for trimming beards and thicker sheet for those who prefer a cut closer shave.

In addition to pay attention to the type of beard to choose the device, another factor should be prioritized, the type of skin.

For those who are more sensitive, prone to irritation and ingrown hairs, shavers with antifriction coatings and wet use may be a solution.


Even if the duration of the shave is not as long, the weight of the product greatly influences the comfort of their use, including in transport.

Shavers with less than 500 grams guarantee more ergonomics during scratching, speeding up the process and making shaving even more practical.


One of the key factors for the practicality and agility shaving is the battery life.

Not to interrupt the care of hygiene and beauty, only to recharge the attachment is one of the priority criteria by users.

So models with autonomy from 45 minutes are the most suitable.

The wired models no longer have this time limit of use, however, do not allow the shaving is done in the bath.

Accessories and other advantages

For those who like more details finishing options and different results, there are also shavers that have accessories with combs and trimmers kits for other regions such as nose and ear.

An important feature of the razor that must be prioritized is the flexibility of the head. This feature allows the device to adjust as the curves of the face perfectly, allowing a close and dynamic cut.

Finally, another detail that can make a difference when choosing the best shaver is clean the appliance option. The accumulation by the razor hinders their performance and durability, so it is extremely important to let them clean after each shave.

The shavers waterproof water are easier to sanitize as washing with running water has quickly eliminates appliance waste. dry run of the need specific brushes for rousing all its parts have accumulated by.

What is the best electric shaver?

Among the advantages of the best 2020 shaver can highlight their use wet or dry, anti-friction coating, flexible head, intuitive display and easy cleaning instructions after cutting; we are talking about Skinguard S6610 / 11 Philips.

With one of the powers of the higher category, reaching 9w, this razor provides a cut quickly and safely of the anti-friction coating.

The flexible head allows the shaver reaches 5 directions with independent movements, adapting to each face and neck curve very mobile.

The unique intuitive display shows relevant information for the best shaving performance, such as battery level, the need for cleaning and security lock.

To eliminate the waste after cutting head just open and let the water flow beneath the surface.

The battery life usually reach 60 minutes without interruption and the time to complete loading is the same.

Best razor for money

Despite the Skinguard S6610 / 11 Philips be considered the best shaver 2020, the high value of the device makes it difficult to purchase.

In view of this, we suggest a model that follows the same principles of the razor above, but with a more affordable price for those who prioritizes the cost benefit of the product.

The Electric Shavers Bba01 Aqua Bivolt Britain has nearly one-third of the previous model, however, does not lack in functionality and performance.

With use dry or in water, this device has a range of 45 minutes after complete charging of the battery and also comes with charge indicator LED.

The double cut system and three sets of blades enable more comfort and speed during shaving, including, this feature contributes to better reach more curved areas like the chin and neck.

Another benefit of Bba01 Aqua Bivolt Britain is that it can work wired or wireless, and even comes with trimming function to finalize the contours of sideburns and mustache.

What is the best shaver brand in the market?

Number one sales in the category, offering more than two-year warranty and returning your money if the product does not please in 90 days, Philips is considered a pioneer and better market shaver brand, as well as of electric shavers.

The variety of models and sets values ​​of this brand, also contributes to this fact, as it serves several groups with different preferences and needs.

This prioritized accessibility by brand yields the highest number of sales around the world, including the positive rating of one of his razors, the Skinguard S6610 / 11, for example, reaches 100% in a virtual retail site.

If your choice was a model of Philips, know that satisfaction is attested both by users and by the brand itself, which reinforces their confidence to ensure the money back if the shaver does not meet expectations.

Tip for a better shave

In addition to choosing the best razor, to ensure an even more satisfactory results, some precautions are essences before and after shaving period.

Now that you know what the best shaver 2020, takes advantage of the result of that perfect beard and complete the look with a functional and modern smartwatch.