Case For The Washing Machine: Points To Consider Before You Buy If

Case For The Washing Machine: Points to Consider Before You Buy If

Nowadays it is almost impossible to live without a washing machine. They make the task of letting our clean clothes and smelling much more practical and fast.

There are some precautions that should be taken so that your appliance will last longer and continue working as usual. Use the machine correctly, insert quality products, do not leave the device connected directly to the same outlet unused are some of them.

However, it is necessary to protect your washing machine, even if it is in a location that sun handle or are exposed to wind and rain. The same ideal is that it stays in a cool dry place, away from any situation mentioned above.

An item that helps ensure the security of your device are the covers for washing machine. Products are easy to find and that can protect the appliance from small daily wear.

Be the conventional cover that comes on the machine, or purchased on the Internet, or that you did it or asked for any seamstress did. All of them can be used the same way.

See this article the importance of the item and the best ways to use it. See also a top 10 sites to find the product, if you have not yet his.

Covers for washing machine

There are some features that you should consider before buying a cover for the washing machine. The most important of these is the size. In general, each model has a different dimension, so before purchasing their ideal is to have the measurements of your device.

With the measures in hand, look for models manufactured with a more resistant material and is waterproof. Plastic materials are the most suitable, because it will further protect your washing machine.

You can choose a simple model, which will just cover your machine, or a more elaborate, you have, for example, pockets that can accommodate items such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, fasteners.

Another choice you must make is how to print. In the market there are various models. Neutral and sober colors, the pieces with floral prints, geometric, among others. Choose the one that best fit your environment.

Of course some of these tips should be considered only if the washing machine that you purchase come no longer accompanied by a cover. There are some models that have, then look at the product description prior to purchase.

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Cover designs for washing machine

Meet some of the best selling models of washing machine cover.

Case Adomes clothes washing machine M3004 zippered cover 12 to 16 Kg

Price of R $ 40.00, the piece is found in beige and protects your machine from scratches, sunlight, stains, dust accumulation and any other droppings. The material is firm surface for easy cleaning. The cover has zipper, to facilitate opening of the machine without removing the cover.

Its size is suggested to Electrolux devices 12, 13, 15 and 16 kg; Brastemp 12, 13, 15 and 16 kg and consul 12, 13, 15, and 16 kg. It 1,01m height, depth and width of 73cm 66cm.

Case Electrolux washing machine 12 kg 13 kg 15 kg 8/9/10, 2k6

Available in gray and with an average price of $ 30.00, the model has removable lid for ease of use. It is indicated for Electrolux machines 12, 13, 15 also kg, 8, 9, 10.2 kg

Cover for various washing machine models in size P

At an average price of $ 30.00 you can purchase the model that has 57cm high, 63cm wide and 91cm deep. completely made of PVC, it is suitable for models: Electrolux Turbo Economic 6KG, 8KG and 9KG; Brastemp Clean 5KG, 6KG, 7KG enbsp; 8KG; Brastemp Electronics Compact 6KG; Electrolux Turbo Fast 10KG; Electrolux Turbo Limpezanbsp; 8KG; Brastemp and Mondial 4KG 5KG; Electronic brastemp 5KG; Brastemp ADV Wash 6KG; Consul Super Jet 6KG; Consul Mareacute; 7KG and 5KG; Brastemp Total 9KG; Muller Diva 5KG; Consul 5KG.

Case Washing Machine Tam G – Util

This model has dimensions 66cm x 66cm x 1m and is suitable for washing machines 10 and 16kg. Made of PVC, it has an average value of $ 30.00, is water resistant and easy to clean.

Particularly suitable for the Electrolux models 12, 13 and 15kg; Mabe 10:15 kg; GE 10, 13 and 15 kg; Continental 13, 15 and 16 kg; Brastemp 15kg; Consul 16 kg; 14 kg Panasonic.

Case washing machine (flanelada) – Large – Secalux

You can purchase the model for US $ 50.00 on the internet. Made as 50% PVC and 50% polyester, the cover has dimensions of 98 cm x 68cm x68cm. It is indicated for the electro-lux 08KG models (old) / 12KG / 15KG / 15,2KG

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Sites cover purchase for machine

Meet some of the sites available to get his clothes washing machine.