The 7 Best Travel Bags And Trip 2020

The 7 Best Travel Bags and Trip 2020

To preserve your belongings, be it long or short trips, nothing better than a tough and secure suitcase.

Combine size with efficiency may seem somewhat, as difficult as the intention is to have enough space and yet a light and easy to carry bag.

Thinking in this way, some brands include features that facilitate mobility, optimize the internal space, even using lighter materials, so that the only weight you carry is their personal belongings.

Other criteria such as safety, magazines and also the design can greatly influence when choosing the best suitcase 2020.

To find out what, and know the best case evaluated in this guide, check each detail below and ensure ideal for your next trip.

Best 2020 Travel Bags

The LANSAY brands, Quechua, Samsonite and Delsey are known for quality in the category of bags and bags for the trip. In addition to bringing trend in design, these brands guarantee better quality in the material of each product, so that your suitcase accompany you on many trips.

Other features such as the internal capacity, weight, including security at closing time and ship your bag are also evident in this top seven.

Review of the Best 2020 Travel Bags

Before you start to analyze every feature of bags best 2020 travel, it is important to keep in mind some issues, such as the frequency of use, time of the trip stay, size allowed by airlines, among other factors.

In this ranking were highlighted various options, from bags for long trips aboard suitcase.

These options also feature differential, so that you can tailor your needs according to one of the suitcase models.

Choose criteria: Suitcase

Suitcases options that are on the market are numerous. Many even to have the same look, but generally this similarity is around.

Material, size, weight, type of housing, safety, strength, including extra features to ensure more mobility and convenience with the use of the bag can make all the difference during your trip.

More details on these criteria, and prioritize those that best suit your preferences and needs.


What gives strength and durability of your bag is your kind of material. Since they will be moved to different paths, whipped, inspected, transferred between connections, for example, it is essential to invest in a quality makeup.

They can come in different types of tissue, such as polyester, plastic such as polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS and also in leather.

Size and Capacity

If the option is to buy only one bag, assess how many days on average you get on each trip can be the alternative to make the right choice. Generally, in these cases indicated an average suitcase, size M, 65-70 liters which can be used for both short trips and long.

Now for anyone who spends seasons away from home, a bag of G, 130 liter capacity is ideal.

And for those who do not want to check bags on flights, it is worth investing in a board model. The board bag should follow the indicated measures in accordance with your airline.

On domestic flights, for example, the hand luggage must not exceed the (AxLxE) 55cmx35cmx35cm.


One of the most important criteria in choosing the best case refers to the weight of the product.

In addition to interfering in storage capacity and mobility of your luggage, airlines and bus also define maximum weight for each passenger.

For domestic flights, aboard suitcase should weigh up to 10 kg, since the hold of bags, 23 kg.

Think also how will their paths after the airport or bus station, after all, despite a suitcase of 20 kg ensure more space to carry your objects, remember that weight can affect their mobility.


The quantity and the types of carriers can optimize the internal space of your suitcase, while preserving some products, by conditioning them in special places.

For those who need to carry liquids or electrical products, nothing better than bags with specific parts, zipper, screens or different pockets.

In addition to ensuring more space and storage suitable objects, magazines provide more organization, even if you are not unpack due to short the trip.


Preserve your belongings is one of the main objects to get the best travel bag, is not it?

In addition to ensuring the integrity so that nothing breaks or escape from your luggage, including some security features prevent thefts.

Some models have code to release the zipper, others come with padlocks or very efficient seals.


Besides the size and weight interfere in this regard, mobility of your suitcase can be facilitated through some resources.

Wheels: the wheels are indispensable in bags over 10 KG, however, smaller models also come with this advantage that makes the transport of convenient and fast luggage. Prefer models that rotate 360 ​​° to avoid crashes.

Handles: For the board bags, the handles provide more stability in time to put on the plane or bus. The transverse strap having may be more comfortable than the other hand, since the weight distributed throughout the body.


And last but not least, the appearance of your bag can add more style to your trip.

In addition to the variety of material, as we saw above, the colors, shapes and magazines can bring more beauty to your luggage.

Speaking of colors, know that have a more striking case is critical to identify it quickly, either in the wake of airports or roof racks on land transport.

Some bags edge to appear with backpacks, which ensures you prefer both for mobility, as the more contemporary style it represents.

What is the Best Travel Bag 2020?

The model of the Delsey Moncey meets all the above criteria, ensuring its leading position in the rankings as 2020 travel the best case.

Its material, polypropylene is resistant, which ensures more protection to your belongings, including durability to the product.

The 136l capacity lets you take everything you need for your trip, without crushing the clothes or stewing luggage.

Despite the large capacity, it is light and has facilitated mobility with its four wheels. Its retractable handle does not rust and can be adjusted for more ergonomics.

With built-in lock TSA approved by customs, you prevent intruders gaining access to your internal, ensuring safer and more relaxed in transporting their belongings.

The built-in handle, also it enhances the security of this suitcase, because this way it is impossible to other people and even the own carrier confuse luggage.

What is the Best In-Flight Bag?

Dispatch the mail can be a chore for some people, even if the period you will be out is short, nothing better than a board bag to accompany you.

Aboard Suitcase Samsonite has the dimensions of 57 x 37 x 26 cm, ideal for you to take in the aircraft cabin, bus, including weighing just 3.2kg ensures greater mobility.

Although the material is ABS, it gives much resistance, according to the users themselves, who follow true to brand.

You can also choose two colors of this line, black and red, and larger sizes.

The safety of Samsonite suitcase Vibe is another strong feature. It comes with built-in lock and luggage handle. Ergonomic, its handle can be adjusted according to height.

Even though board bag, the capacity of Samsonit Vibe may surprise you. The internal compartments allow you to accommodate multiple items in an organized manner. The adjustable strap also allows the clothes always remain in place.

What is the Best Travel suitcase mark?

Because of the many options in suitcase lines, Samsonite stands out as the preferred brand of duty travelers.

The possibilities that this brand offers for those who need a durable and efficient baggage are numerous

Besides being one of the first brands of suitcases, she works with different materials options in order to meet every preference of the public, sizes and design also vary.

For complete lines containing bags sizes S, M G, including up to bottle racks.

All have security system in order to protect its objects, including the resistance of the bags Samsonite makes every penny of your investment be worth it because you will be ensuring a bag for life.

7 Tips to Put away the Suitcase!

In addition to choosing the right bag, either in size, magazines and material, some tips can optimize the internal space of your luggage, ensuring more organization and preservation of your belongings.

Check out what they are and make every moment of your special trip, including the arrangement of the bag!

Another specific tip for women; It is about the transport of items such as kitchen appliances dryers and flat irons. If possible, choose two items into one, as in the case of rotating brushes that can dry and style, inclusive, they are more compact than the dryers, for example.