Model Kits Guide


There is a myriad of things that make life surprisingly interesting and models are no exception. Any creative mind knows that coming up with a model is one incredible way of expressing creative powers engrained in the human mind. However, building a satisfactory model isn’t exactly a walk in the park and there are a few rules and principles that must be followed to fulfill the insatiable drive to create. This set of reviews and guides will look at the most popular models and the necessary steps needed to create them. From model tanks to semi-trucks, we will try to have a comprehensive look at the most popular models and how you can possibly go about building them.



Before starting anything, you will have to consider if you have the necessary items so that you have a smooth creative experience. The following is an outline of items that you need to build a tank model.

Glue: Most model builders tend to wonder on the best glue for building tanks because there is a myriad of them on the market of which most are not as effective when it comes to in between plastics adhesions. Our research tells us that the most effective glue when it comes to plastic adhesions is the Acetone-based glue which is especially made for models. However, this is not exactly enough for modelling, other types of glues may serve a good purpose, for instance, super glue and gel.

Xacto Knife: This knife serves the good purpose of cleaning the tank from excess parts. Cutting and scraping is also made easy by this specialized knife.

Nail clippers/Sprue Cutters

The importance of sprue cutters cannot be overemphasized. A good example is Xuron sprue cutters which were specially built for cutting plastic model sprues. Their cutting mechanism utilizes shearing as a primary action and are durable enough to last for years without needing any replacement. Nail clippers can also serve a satisfactory purpose when you are just starting out.


Putty is one of the most effective materials that you can utilize as a filler. Gaps and seams are inevitable in any tank model and you will need to fill them to give the model a better look. Tamiya fine putty is one great example of the putty that you can find on the market.

Paint: Paint is a great asset when it comes to building models. It enhances the look of the model by giving it a more authentic and sleek surface.

Masking tape

On this note, you can go for regular blue painters tape. The Tamiya masking tape can be a better option because it is one of the tapes out there that comes in smaller widths.

Sand paper: Sand paper is an indispensable asset when it comes to model building. You can choose the grit among 150 to 10000 in accordance with the type of model you fall for.

Paint brush/Spray can.