The 6 Best Tv Box To Buy In 2020

The 6 Best TV Box to Buy in 2020

Faced with the limited content of the TV or open standard hours of cable, watch one more personalized and interactive programming turns out to be almost impossible without internet connectivity.

An alternative to secure new entertainment options on TV, without the need to purchase a Smart is by using a small device called TV Box.

The TV Box has the ability to turn your TV tube, plasma, LCD or LED into a Smart TV, running applications and online content directly on the screen.

Among its main advantages is its independent operation, which dispenses the support of a mobile device, as with other market players.

Some models even lets you download new applications, movies and series, so it’s important to know every technical feature of the TV box before making the choice.

To help you in this decision select the six best TV box 2020, which in addition to providing efficient technological resources, are also highlights in sales and user ratings.

Top Box TV 2020

The 6 Best Tv Box To Buy In 2020
The 6 Best Tv Box To Buy In 2020
The 6 Best Tv Box To Buy In 2020
The 6 Best Tv Box To Buy In 2020
The 6 Best Tv Box To Buy In 2020

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In this ranking there since more affordable models to the most technologically advanced, which increases the purchasing possibilities for different types of audiences.

Among the best known brands in the technology sector as Xiaomi and Elsys also highlight new options, which have been doing successfully in the category TV Box, due to modern resources employed.

If your choice is one of six TV Box sets, know that will be taking home a lot of quality and efficiency, which will surely make a difference in the way to entertain and inform on a daily basis.

To learn more about each of these models, check below more about the technical specifications, selection criteria, including what our choice regarding the best TV Box 2020.

Review of Best TV Box 2020

No doubt, the TV Box can add a lot more fun, information and interactivity to your home. Given this, choose a device that meets all these expectations and have an effective durability is essential.

For this choice meets your needs and preferences, nothing better than knowing every detail of the best TVs Box 2020.

It is also worth checking a few items on your TV, which will couple the TV Box, such as inputs and resolution.

That done, let’s review the six TV Box models, elected the best of 2020 by Better Homes, based on the characteristics and technical views of users.

Xiaomi Mibox S 4K Android TV

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The Xiaomi brand is already known to use a lot of technology and an affordable price, especially among smartphones, however, the product segment is not limited to this, there are other products, including televisions Box, which also represent this technological quality.

The Mibox S is an example, that the Xiaomi Box TV is able to turn your TV into a smart in a few steps.

Your connection is via HDMI and then plugged the TV by following the steps intuitive pairing the remote control.

The image resolution can be adjusted according to the type of TV, even it comes to quality 4K.

The 2GB of RAM ensure faster transmission and flawless, as with internal storage of 8GB you can download numerous applications to make your proposal even more efficient.

The Mibox S runs on one of the most modern systems of Android, 8.1, which enables more compatibility with new applications or updates that appear every day.

Extremely light and very discreet design, the Xiaomi Mibox S offers everything you need for a more personalized access, interactive and what’s best, on-line through your TV.

Tv Box Mx10 Mini

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Operating with one of the most modern and current operating systems, Android 9.0, the MX10 Mini TV Box ensures excellent performance both in transmission and in access security.

The 4GB of RAM makes the whole processing MX10 Mini faster, even, flawless.

The storage capacity reaches 16 GB, ideal for those who enjoy online games or is keen to have a good number of applications on the device.

In addition to the basic connection via HDMI, the MX10 Mini can also be connected via bluetooth.

It comes with remote control, making it easy from installation to handle on a daily basis for choosing schedules.

This model of Wincabos brand also supports 4K resolution, which allows efficient use in TVs with this technology.

Smart TV Box, Aquario STV-2000

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The Smart TV Box, Aquarius STV-2000 is among the best selling category, because she unites two fundamental requirements at the time of choosing the best TV box, the first is the easy installation and handling, as the second is for performance account fast and efficient, according to the users.

Both the RAM memory, the storage capacity come in ideal numbers for you to ensure a rapid transmission, in addition to file multiple applications. They are 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

Although your operating system is a bit outdated, over competitors in this ranking, the Smart TV Box, Aquarius STV-2000 does not lack for compatibility with other features and security of data access.

The connection can be made either via cable to the HDMI port, as well as wireless by bluetooth or wi-fi.

It also comes with remote control, which facilitates handling, including the installation of the TV Box.

Tv Box mx9

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For those seeking practicality time to use the TV Box, the MX9, is certainly the best choice.

To start, it comes embedded with leading applications installed at the factory, YouTube and Netflix, which greatly facilitates handling.

The facility is also another point in favor of the MX9, because just plug your HDMI cable to the TV input, wait a few seconds to recognize and follow the other steps with the help of remote control.

The transmission is extremely fast, after the MX9 uses a 3 GB RAM, bypassing many models of this ranking.

The storage capacity is 16 GB, which makes it possible to download various applications leaving her even more complete player.

Last but not least, the value of the MX9 is easily accessible, making it an excellent option for those who prioritizes money.

TV Box Via Internet Full Hd Elsys ETRI01

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The Elsys is already known for its quality of TV receivers and your TV Box could not be different.

This model is one basic functional, it has everything and caters for a lot. After all are 1 GB of RAM with 8 GB of storage, which allows use of key applications.

And speaking of application, the TV Box of Elsys comes with some installed, such as YouTube, Netflix and Play Globo, however, there is enough space for you to download new content and let your TV even more interactive.

Installation is also very easy and quick pairing. One of the exclusivity of this model is its remote control which comes with activation by voice command. Feature ideal for easy searches, without typing the words.

Another novelty of TV Box Elsys is that it comes with integrated Chromecast, making it possible to mirror any smartphone content on the TV.

And for those who enjoy online games your bluetooth system allows connection joysticks and headsets, making it even more satisfying and complete experience.

Fire TV Stick

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The Fire TV Stick has been considered as a specific category of TV smart transformer, however, its features allow include it as a TV Box as well.

Like the other models mentioned in this ranking, it has independent operation, by the way, your operating system is itself, Fire OS, that is, it does not need a mobile phone or laptop to stream online content to your TV.

Despite the extremely compact size, which resembles a thumb drive, the Fire TV Stick surprising efficiency and transmission performance.

Among the main advantages is its portability, its end is only 32 grams of dimensions 85.9 mm x 30.0 mm x 12.6 mm, which allows to load the device with much discretion in the bag.

In addition, the Fire TV Stick has a streaming faster thanks to its quad-core processor and dual antenna.

Criteria of Choice: TV Box

Despite being a relatively new product on the market, there are already several options Box TVs with different brands, technologies and values.

These different options have the advantage of a variety of prices, which ends up favoring public that prioritize the economy, for example. However, this same variety ends up making the process of choosing, somewhat complicated.

A great tip to facilitate this decision is to analyze the main technical characteristics and prioritize those that best suit your needs.

As an example, we can mention the RAM memory for those who use the TV Box only to watch Netflix or Youtube content, a 1GB memory is enough, now who prefer to play online, invest in larger memories from 2GB is the most suitable.

Since this example, we will now highlight the main criteria that will help you in choosing the best TV Box 2020.


The TV connection box to the TV can be made for entries more common as HDMI or RCA. This ensures that most TVs are compatible with this unit, as to the pipe have any of these ports.

There are models of Box TVs that still have Bluetooth and wireless, which expands opportunities and enables connection of a wireless installation.

Operational system

Most TVs Box this ranking run the Android operating system. For greater compatibility with new applications, prioritize the most recent versions, such as 7.1 to 9.0.

The OS, and ensure greater compatibility also enhances the security of your device, protecting your data and access.

Memory and storage

The RAM influences the rate, which is determined broadcast programming.

As exemplified above the introduction of the review, the amount of memory depends largely on the TV Box purpose.

For those who will use a few applications, such as factory, 1GB of memory already correspond very well this expectation. As for those who enjoy an online game or prioritizes heavier programs, from 2GB is the most suitable.

Remember that the TV Box also enables the content storage, such as movies, series and new applications. For this purpose, the storage capacity can vary from 1GB to 32GB, according to their necessity.

Image resolution

Before opting for a device with the highest resolution on the market, such as 4K, for example, check the compatibility with your TV, after all, she will be responsible for transmitting a better picture.

The resolutions of the TV Box may vary from HD, Full HD and 4K; see which of your TV and prioritize it in the machine.


Usually the installation of the TV Box is very easy and practical. Simply connect the HDMI or RCA cable to the TV input. Some require energy for power also, so it is important to have an available power outlet near the TV.

The pairing can occur automatically or require interventions by remote control or smartphone.

The whole process is detailed in the manual and can be performed by anyone without the need for professional technical area.

Design and Portability

Among the advantages of the TV Box is its portability. Her a small and lightweight device, helps movement from one room to another, or even to travel.

However, the compactness of each device, including the design vary from brand to brand.

There are televisions Box 32 grams, but also larger models 400 grams, more resemble an ordinary TV receiver.

Most times the look is very discreet and can be arranged anywhere in the room, either on the TV or shelf panel, without causing any conflict with the rest of the decor.

Difference between TV Box, Chromecast and other TV sets in transformers Smart

The ability to turn a TV into Smart is not unique to TV Box, there are other devices that also have to bring online content function to the big screen, such as the popular Chromecast and other TV transformers appliances Smart, who do not have their own operating system.

The main difference between these means to the TV connectivity is functioning.

The TV Box, as already noted, has an independent operation by means of its own operating system, usually Android.

It does not need the intervention of a mobile device to pair with the TV, as is the case of other devices, including Chromecast.

Remember, the Chromecast does not turn the TV on smart, only mirrors the contents of a cell phone, notebook or tablet to the TV screen.

Another advantage of the TV Box is the possibility of storage, this feature dropped in the other options.

What is the Best TV Box 2020?

With so many models full of technological and functional quality, choosing the best TV Box was fierce.

Thus, small details were prioritized to elect the TV Box Elsys of the best of 2020.

To begin with, one of the advantages that stood out among its competitors is its intuitive handling, through a remote control full of unique features and shortcuts that make navigation easier.

It can be activated by voice command, discarding all that complicated process of typing and making the choice much faster programming.

Another advantage are the Play and Netflix Globe shortcuts that let you access your favorite content with one touch.

Installation is very practical, just connect your HDMI cable to the TV and a power source, then pressing some buttons indicated in the manual, pairing happens.

All the following steps are intuitive, which makes the whole process easy, fast and convenient.

Its interface is also very modern and accessible, allowing anyone to use the TV Box of Elsys without any difficulty.

Already at home and RAM storage capacity they are considered the essential amount for those who want to take advantage of the main applications flawlessly and very quickly.

And speaking of applications, be aware that the main like Netflix, Youtube and globoPlay are already installed to further facilitate handling.

Finally, another feature of this TV Box version of Elsys is its proposal for Chromecast. With it you can mirror any content of your smartphone on the TV screen in seconds.

In addition to via HDMI connection, the TV Box Elsys comes with bluetooth system, ideal for use joysticks and headsets eliminating troublesome wires.

With so many functional qualities, it is clear why it was voted the best TV Box 2020, does not it ?! However, its price can be considered a little high, so below we present a second option more affordable value and worth the money. Check out!

What is the Best TV Box Cost Benefit?

If the priority is to save money, but ensure a quality TV Box, an excellent option is the TV Box MX9.

In addition to the affordable price, it comes with the advantages of a good RAM, which reaches 3GB, including a 16 GB storage. All this reflects the speed of transmission and the ability to integrate multiple applications on the device.

As the model of Elsys, it also comes with some installed applications, in this case, YouTube and Netflix.

Installation is quick, easy and practical and can be done in minutes with the help of the remote control that comes with the product.

According to users, their performance does not lack in relation to price. No failures or interruptions, transmission has image quality and a lot of speed.

Thus, the TV Box MX9 was considered the best Tv Box 2020 money.