The 6 Best Floor Internet Connection And 2020 Embed

The 6 Best Floor Internet Connection and 2020 Embed

Now, we know the characteristics that every good dishwasher features. Check out!


In the rush of our routine, among many tasks, stop for several minutes to wash dishes, pots and cups it seems a waste of time. And on cold days, then? With that cold water, no one can withstand getting wet stay in the sink to have clean utensils.

Just as it is virtually impossible to live without the washing machines, currently, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have practical and intelligent home appliances, we save time with routine tasks.

So buy a dishwasher is an important advance for every household.


The dishwashers’s have an average energy consumption of 0.98 kW / h. This average is much lower than the electric shower and is below even the electric iron and air conditioning.

As the washing cycles vary between 30 minutes and 3 hours worth thus giving the energy consumption associated to the time that the device uses to clean utensils.

With modern technologies, dishwasher use less and less water to perform all the cleaning process. Therefore, the average water used for washing dishes, glasses and cutlery on the machine is well below that which would be used in traditional washing in the sink.

Thus, the average of appliances discussed here was 13.47 liters great in the normal cycle. While washing dishes in the sink in running tap water, enough to use 45 liters!

Therefore, according to the machine, water savings can be up to 70%. It is less use of time, money and natural resources. So it’s good for you, your family and nature.

To the right choice, keep an eye on these machine key elements:


One of the first elements to be checked when searching for a dishwashing machine, which is the number of services that it offers.

The services in this device, means-based washing capacity in number of people. Therefore, the higher the number of residents in the house, the greater must be the number of services offered by the appliance, to meet the daily needs cleaning.

Are devices on the market ranging from 6 to 14 services. The BLF08 model, Brastemp, considered by service – that is, per person – the equivalent of:

Besides these items, it still considers bowl 1, 1 dish and pan for service 1 at the time of washing. Thus, being a machine with a capacity of 8 services, BLF08 can wash up to 91 parts per cycle.

Therefore, the greater your need for washing, the greater must be the unit’s service number. Consider, moreover, how often you receive guests in your home and how much people are, on average. See the table below:

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There are dishwasher models that are meant to be used over the sink, while others can be installed directly on the floor. The first is less common to be found and also is smaller than the other machines, on average.

Already the floor appliances are most popular and generally larger than the sink. In addition, most of these machines is already prepared to be built into the kitchen cupboard, getting pretty harmonious in layout composition. Some, however, need spacing on the sides or top. So it is also important to check that information.


A key element to observe, to search for a new machine to wash your dishes, is size. So see what are its dimensions in height, width and depth to make a right choice for your home or apartment.

Energy consumption

As we saw in one of the myths about the broken dishwasher, its energy consumption is not a big deal. The average spending per hour between machines reviewed here stood at 0.98 kW. That is, every time the power is on, running almost 1,0kW is added to your electric bill.

The time of each cycle varies greatly between brands and between functions. Thus, as there are quick, not even last 30 min marks were found with heavier cleaning cycles which led over 3 hours to finish washing.

The energy expenditure information is passed in kW per hour. If you do not find it, look for the “power” of the device and the debt per thousand. This will be his electricity consumption per hour.

For example, ABC dishwasher is 1200 W of power. Therefore, 1200 divided by 1000 equals 1.2 kW per hour.

Thus, although it is a myth that she spends a lot of light, it is important to check data for energy consumption and washing time to compare the appliances and thus choose the one that has less impact on your pocket.

Water consumption

Another key information to note is the machine’s water consumption. Just as it is economical with energy, the dishwasher consumes very little water, if we compare its washing with traditional methods.

But there is a difference between the models and brands. While the average usage of water during the use of cycles of 13.47 liters appliances are consuming 15 liters once. In frequent use, this small difference can become huge over weeks, months and years.

Thus, also pay attention to how much water the machine uses every wash cycle. In the medium and long term, the difference between manufacturers can result in significant enconomias in water over the years.

Number of Programs

It is interesting to see how many wash programs the appliance features. More variety of programs is greater choice between fast or long cycles, for many parts or few, for delicate items or requiring a thorough cleaning and so on.

Some of these appliances come with an interesting feature. When the capacity of the device was not completely used and you still want to put more dishes, a few hours later, can trigger, so a jet of water that will eliminate the surface and dirt quickly.

This prevents thus the stench and cleaning becomes more complicated after; Additionally, save energy and water by postponing the cleaning when the machine is full capacity without causing damage to cleaning.

There are also machines that already have smart programs that define, by itself, what is the best cycle to use. In this way, the appliance itself can stipulate which is, of all its programs, one that will clean more effectively and efficiently glasses, cutlery, plates and other utensils more. A great feature, right?


Last but not least, find out what is the maximum temperature that reaches the washer. The machine uses hot water for cleaning glasses, cutlery, dishes, pots and pans. Therefore, the higher the temperature that it attains, tend to be the best washing results apparatus – which usually comes to 60 to 70 C.

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The dream of not wasting time on dirty dishes may be getting closer. Efficient consumption of natural resources and effective to leave clean utensils, the dishwashing machine is a go forward for domestic activities.

To find the best model to suit your needs, observe, thus, each of these important elements of the operation of the appliance:

We collect all of this data leading today’s models. We did so, the analysis of each of them to get the most performing and cost-effective.

In addition, we also seek comments and reviews from those who have purchased and are using the dishwasher to see how, in practice, these elements have been shown. Check out!