Tips to Help You Choose the Best Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is a decoration made on clothing either by the use of hand or machine. The invention of the embroidery machine has significantly reduced the time and effort expended in making this type of decorations. Embroidery machines are useful for making decorations for different kinds of fabrics which may range from home decor, product branding, to clothing designs.

The machine is designed in a way that makes it easy for crafters to embed this design on different types of clothing, uniforms, wall hangings, beddings, and even pillows. If you are looking to purchase an embroidery machine, you may not have any problem finding varieties. This is especially because there are many different models of the machine from different brands on the market.

However, while some of these products are worth your time and resources, the same cannot be said for others. Even with this, you don’t have to worry as this post will provide you with a few tips to help you choose the best embroidery machine. Scroll down for details.

Types of Embroidery Machine

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There are different types of embroidery machines on the market but you should note that each of them is designed to cater to the needs of specific categories of crafter. In other words, the best embroidery machine for you will be dependent on your needs and preferences. Here are the most popular types of embroidery machines on the market.

Link Stitch Embroidery

The link stitch embroidery machine also known as chenille embroidery machine is one of the most popular among crafters. Decorative patterns made by this type of can be controlled either automatically or manually. The automatic control functionality can be seen in computerized chenille embroidery machines.

This type of equipment is usually adopted for commercial purpose due to the fact that they work fast and the high quality of the decorations made by this type of machines. Although it is not hard to use, link stitch machine is usually adopted by embroidery professionals. However, chenille embroidery machines are usually expensive compared to other types of machine.

Free-motion Embroidery Machine

The free motion embroidery or sewing machine is another popular type you can find on the market. Unlike link stitch embroidery machine, decorations made by free motion sewing machines are controlled only manually. Crafters who want to create this type of decoration will have to use the zigzag stitch of a free motion sewing machine.

All you have to do is create a decoration or an image on a tightly-bonded fabric place beneath the needle. When you start stitching, you will have to move the fabric from place to place to make the decoration, hence the name “free motion.” Sewing machine with a zigzag stitch functionality is relatively inexpensive. Also, they are easy to use thereby making it ideal for both beginners and expert crafters.

However, unlike the link stitch embroidery machine, this one requires you to put in too much effort to create a design. Also, since this type of decoration is done by a sewing machine, it lacks many embroidery features seen in other types of embroidery machines on the market. This invariably translates to low-quality decorations. Free motion embroidery machines are not ideal for commercial purposes since the decorations made by the equipment cannot be exactly replicated.

Computerized Embroidery Machine

A Computerized embroidery machine is one of the most widely used on the market today. This type of machine is preferred by many crafters because of the amazing features it offers. As the name implies, the function and performance of this type of embroidery machine are computerized. They are designed in a way that allows them to be connected to the internet or other electronic devices thereby making it easy for users to transfer and import already made designs.

Computerized embroidery machines are easy to use since all you need to do is download or import the design o your choice for easy decoration. For expert users, this type of machines also allows you to use the font style, shape, and size that works best for the design you are about to create. Unlike other types of machines that use only one needle at a time, computerized embroidery machines may have multiple threads and heads. This invariably means you don’t have to rethread the needle manually every now and then.

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In addition, you will find that this type of embroidery machine ships with a frame that functions to hold the fabric in place as well as move it up and down to create the programmed design stored on the machine. It does not require users to expend too much time and effort on decorations. This type of product ships with many preprogrammed designs to further make it easy to use. Also, the designs made by computerized embroidery machines can be replicated on several other pieces of fabrics.

This makes them ideal for commercial use. The decorations made by this type of machines are also of high quality. However, computerized embroidery machine is slightly more expensive compared to other types you can find on the market. Although the best type of embroidery machine for you will be dependent on your needs and preferences, one may safely conclude that computerized ones have a lot more to offer compared to other models.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Embroidery Machine for You

When choosing an embroidery machine, the best one for you will be dependent on your needs and preferences. There are a few other factors that, if carefully considered, will go a long way to make it easy for you to choose the best embroidery machine. Read on for more information.

Important Features

When buying an embroidery machine, it is advised to go for those that ship with all the essential features you may need to complete tasks. Another thing you should consider looking out for is extra features that are usually aimed at enhancing your overall experience with the embroidery machine. Extra features may include but not limited to thread trimming, automatic thread tension, embellishment functionality, onscreen editing, different fonts styles, knee lifter, and variable speed.

Decoration Options

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The design option that will be available to you with the product you are about to purchase is an important factor that should be carefully considered. Most embroidery machines are designed in a way that allows you to make different decorations. You will even find that computerized models ships with hundreds of patterns and preprogrammed designs. It is advised to go for a machine that ships with many design options.

Compatibility With Other Devices

Apart from the preprogrammed designs that ship with an embroidery machine, some products allow you to connect to the internet in order to download additional designs. This feature is mostly seen in computerized embroidery machines. Also, when choosing the best embroidery machine, you may come across some models that feature a USB port.

This will allow you to connect the machine directly to a desktop for the easy importation of designs. If this feature is important to you, then you should consider purchasing an embroidery machine that comes with it.

Hoop Sizes and Work Area

The number of hoops and their sizes should be considered carefully. You will find that most embroidery machine ships with multiple hoops of different sizes. There are a few others that do not ship with multiple hoops but they support different hoop sizes that you will have to purchase separately. This types of embroidery machine are ideal as they will provide you with a versatile experience.

Another important factor to consider when buying the best embroidery machine is the work area. Some embroidery machines feature a small work area which allows you to work on only minor tasks but you will find a few that ship with a spacious work area for the completion of large and bulky tasks. The latter is ideal if you are looking to use the product for large commercial tasks.


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You should consider going for an embroidery machine that features a display as this will allow you to easily create and watch the progress of the decoration of your choice. Products with LED display is even better as it will allow you to create designs conveniently even in the dark.

Dual Function Embroidery Machine

There are a few multipurpose embroidery machines on the market. This type of machine ship with both sewing and embroidery functionality. If you indulge in both sewing and embroidery then a dual function machine will be a great choice. It will also go a long way to help you save the money you would have spent on purchasing a sewing machine and an embroidery machine separately.

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